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Founder and CEO at XData Group
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Bio Roman Eloshvili is a visionary serial entrepreneur with a keen eye for trends and opportunities in Internet banking. As the founder and CEO of XData Group, Europe's leading B2B software development company, he's deeply invested in the advancement of Internet banking across the region. Mr Eloshvili is driven by the belief that by leveraging the best practices from global fintech hubs, Europe can realise the potential for seamless and cutting-edge Internet banking solutions for everyday users. Thus, his mission lies in contributing to the transformation of the traditional banking system and its evolution by offering advanced banking products with the assistance of AI technologies. XData Group specializes in cutting-edge technology solutions tailored exclusively for banks. From front-end to back-end app development, the company handles the entire spectrum of Internet banking solutions. Career History Mr. Eloshvili embarked on his journey in finance over 20 years ago, initially venturing into investment real estate and traditional banking. With prior experience collaborating closely with prominent traditional banking institutions in Europe, he noticed a significant deficit in the adoption of advanced Internet banking solutions akin to those found in the world's leading fintech hubs. Thus, in 2022, leveraging his expertise in crafting Internet banking solutions for traditional banks, he founded XData Group. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, the company envisions strategic expansion with planned offices in Spain and Armenia. Mr. Eloshvili has successfully completed courses and attained certificates in Fintech, Algorithmic Business Thinking, and AI for Business Strategy from MIT Sloan School of Management and IE University.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AI is the perfect tool for banks to remain competitive with fintechs

22 Apr 2024

Banks are becoming outdated today, especially with the rapid rise of the fintech sector that aims to provide a more efficient, cheaper, and user-centric alternative to conventional financial services. Based on Statista’s data, neobanks in Europe had an 11.1% market share in the banking industry, while their US-based counterparts accounted for 15....