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Mark Trevor

Cash use prior to the 23rd century

Natalie Ceeney’s recently published UK Access to Cash review asks us to consider the implications of a society where physical cash doesn’t exist. It got me thinking of a video clip I used to open a re...

20 Dec 2018
Financial Supply Chain
Jesse Champagne

Millennials Are Happy With Prepaid Cards, According To New Study

As the largest demographic in the US workforce, the opinions of Millennials are a big deal.There are over 29 million Millennials in US alone that want their pay loaded onto a prepaid paycard. B&...

19 Dec 2018
Retired Member

The regulation vs competition debate: Is it time for new business models?

As Autumn turned to Winter and the Christmas tree went up, I’ve found myself daydreaming of a European holiday somewhere sunny. Maybe it’s the Instagram feed full of friends on a sojourn to Italy, Fra...

18 Dec 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Anna Kuzmina

Russia wants to adapt its payment laws to market reality

“Central Bank of Russia takes control over foreign payment systems and e-wallets”, “Alipay and WeChat Pay will be restricted in Russia”, “Russian Central Bank will strengthen regulation towards Apple ...

18 Dec 2018
Banking Regulations
Chris Principe

Crypto-Crypt or Gold Mine?

Crypto-Crypt or Gold Mine? As you probably remember, Bitcoin was the big news headlines and the dinner table talk of a year ago. As crypto-currencies soared in value, it was rightly the dominant topic...

13 Dec 2018
Bob Lyddon

Phase 2 of Project Carlton on UK payments landscape: submerged by paper mountain

The last update we gave was that the sponsor of Project Carlton had signed off on the initial research and endorsed its sharing for validation with five or six interested parties. We did that, got ver...

12 Dec 2018
Transaction Banking
Jesse Champagne

Monetize Your Consumer Payments Platforms With Prepaid

Are you a small or medium-sized business looking to generate a recurring revenue stream and add additional income? Want to get a share of interchange fees when you customers make a purchase? Is it tim...

11 Dec 2018
Myles Dawson

Fintech is fighting back on fraud

Retailers are in the midst of the busiest shopping period of the year, starting from Black Friday, through to Cyber Monday, pre-Christmas, Boxing Day and then the January sales. Huge volumes of money ...

11 Dec 2018
Anna Kuzmina

Curious case of los Chilenos

I was in Chile two years ago, and some things have changed there by then, but not many. This is still a quite cash-dependant country with mundane issues over internet traffic pricing. Taxi that is ta

10 Dec 2018
Sudhesh Giriyan

Kenya tackles headwinds backed by robust remittances

Kenya’s economy is largely driven by agriculture and tourism. Struck by a drought in 2017, Kenya was grappling with headwinds in order to sustain its economy. The Kenyan shilling took a severe beating...

09 Dec 2018
Financial Risk Management
David Williams

How can innovative technology bring an end to the global late payment epidemic?

Late payments are a perennial problem for businesses. They have a pernicious effect on global supply chains, placing undue constraints on smaller suppliers and even putting them at risk of going bankr...

07 Dec 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Samee Zafar


Ban them? Block them? Back them? Governments and central bankers have long been exercised by the disruptive nonsense of cryptocurrencies. Some countries are actively experimenting with cryptocurrenci...

06 Dec 2018