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Bio What The Money is Anna Kuzmina's personal and professional view on world fintech and business culture. 11 years in IT, 8 years in fintech, and every couple of months in a new country. Career History



Summer festivals regressive innovation

26 Jul 2019

If you’ve ever been to a large food or music festival in Europe (perhaps, even down under in AU/NZ), you’ve noticed that no cash or cards are accepted at food and drink places. Instead you would exchange your money in the special machines or at cashiers for the tokens. No, not the digital tokens, or crypto tokens. Old-school plastic ones. Massive


Dutch way not the highway

15 Jul 2019

When you hear ‘The Netherlands’, you would have a couple of things popping up in your memory. Tulips, right? Coffeesh…freedom, right? Skilled worker migration heaven? Or — and trust me on this, absolutely horrible, obsolete, unbelievably tiresome online payment experience. The Netherlands is one of those benchmark European countries that hosts awe...


London, metal and challenger

15 Jul 2019

London is buzzing with Brexit news, smells of blossoming spring, and it can’t stop talking about challenger banks. This city has a very special place in the whole banking and fintech world (and in my heart), probably being the very center of all. Well, since my very unfortunate travel there a couple of years ago, there are a few new things I not

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Greek salad recipe: how to change people habits in 3 years

11 Mar 2019

Let’s make a Greek salad: first throw in the heavy financial crisis with culmination in 2015, then add the cruel limit of 60 euros per day per card to take the cash out of ATMs, cut the possibility for outgoing money transfer, pore in a little bit of anxiety and panic, add bulks of the bank card acceptance infrastructure upgrade, and finally add