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Bio What The Money is Anna Kuzmina's personal and professional view on world fintech and business culture. 12 years in IT, 9 years in fintech, and in past life - every couple of months in a new country. Career History



Banks vs Fintech

01 Mar 2021

I know, I know, this ‘banks vs fintech’ sounds sooo 2017. I would have thought that there is nothing to discuss there any longer. But what do you know, it is early 2021 and the first payments-related Clubhouse room I get to speak in is exactly about this imaginary confrontation. People seem to be interested in my opinion on the subject, so here ar...


The Iron Curtain falls. Do Non-Resident Companies Have Any Prospects in the Russian market?

24 Feb 2021

Russia constantly faces political challenges with almost every high-profile event reflected in the attitudes of foreign companies and investors toward the Russian market. Because of sanctions, ruble volatility, and oil wars, Russia regularly falls back in the ranking of potentially interesting markets, often on a par with Cuba, North Korea, and Ir...

Digital Sales

Marketplaces solving payments puzzle

20 Nov 2020

We have witnessed the rise and fall of many marketplaces around the world, some got truly global, some became local leaders, others found their niches. When we say ‘marketplace’ we instantly think of Amazon, or Taobao, or Wish, or AliExpress, or Jumia, depending on your region and habits, of course. Strictly speaking, the marketplace is not a sin


Summer festivals regressive innovation

26 Jul 2019

If you’ve ever been to a large food or music festival in Europe (perhaps, even down under in AU/NZ), you’ve noticed that no cash or cards are accepted at food and drink places. Instead you would exchange your money in the special machines or at cashiers for the tokens. No, not the digital tokens, or crypto tokens. Old-school plastic ones. Massive