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Bio What The Money is Anna Kuzmina's personal and professional view on world fintech and business culture. 12 years in IT, 9 years in fintech, and in past life - every couple of months in a new country. Career History https://www.linkedin.com/in/annakuzmina/



Pay-ins and Payouts for the international businesses working with Russia: crisis FAQ from Bank 131

27 Feb 2022

Updated: 02/03/2022 at 16.20 Bank 131 was created to operate in the global digital economy. We have served and still serve as a bridge between businesses and people wherever they are. At this crisis time both businesses and people need help. Bank 131 opens bank accounts for Russian and foreign businesses in rubles, dollars and euros. Accepts payme...


Winter Olympics 2022: digital yuan demo fail

11 Feb 2022

Winter Olympic Games hosted in Beijing 2022 are a big deal. Not the event itself, but the life experience for those inside this guarded COVID-safe bubble. Olympic Village is a very important showcase for the Chinese innovative technologies to be seen and touched by the outsiders since the coronavirus shut access to China for all. (A robot makes a...


Serbian fintech surprise

03 Feb 2022

Eastern Europe, Balkan state, ex-Yugoslavia — this is how I used to describe Serbia when talking to people on other continents. Now, ‘Serbia’ has become well known in the closed circle of IT people. As a technology-savvy outsource and cheap developer heaven. And by mere historical chance, as a WHO-approved vaccination enabler for the Russians. Se


SWIFT and Russia: what is going on, and what new opportunities it can bring?

01 Feb 2022

(Dmitry Demidko via Unsplash) Since 2014 there have been on and off polemics about Russia's possible disconnection from the SWIFT system. In the last weeks, those conversations have been increasingly mentioned in the media and seriously affected the mood in the banking environment. CBDO at Bank 131 Anna Kuzmina explained why blocking SWIFT in Rus