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Andre Malinowski

Trends in electronic payments: What to expect in 2016

The payments landscape is changing fast – and much of this fast-paced change is being driven by today’s digitally empowered consumers, whose expectations have been transformed by the smartphone and th...

25 Dec 2015
Ainsley Ward

Let's all go rob a bank

If I walk into a shop, pick up any item and then walk out again, the chances are that store security will stop me and I'll probably end up in court pretty soon. Likewise if I walked into a bank branch...

23 Dec 2015
Grant De Leeuw

Collections in Financial Services: The Self-Service Revolution

Consumer demand, the adoption of new payment methods, competition, regulation, digital transformation and security are powering the self-service revolution in banking. This well-publicised transformat...

23 Dec 2015
Kirsty Berry

Has the adoption of contactless really spurred the UK to spend more on cards?

Contactless bank cards really started to take off in the UK in 2014, with banks issuing more contactless-enabled cards than ever before and more merchants installing networks that could accept them. 2...

23 Dec 2015
Jeremy Light

Banking's Bitcoin dilemmas

The banking industry is facing several dilemmas with distributed consensus ledger technology (the "blockchain"). Bitcoin has shown banks how the technology can be revolutionary, causing much...

22 Dec 2015
Nischala Murthy Kaushik

My Payments Wishlist as a consumer - for 2016 and beyond

A few days back, I came across this video on WestJet Christmas miracle in which an airline asked their flyers about what they'd like for Christmas and gave them surprise gifts based on their response...

22 Dec 2015
Dean Wallace

Fintech disruption. Hype or reality?

Earlier this week ACI Worldwide published the findings of a YouGov survey asking ~2000 UK consumers about their attitudes towards banking and new entrants, their payments patterns and behavior. We pr...

17 Dec 2015
Daniel Szmukler

PSD2: Increasing customer relevance in the digital era

2016 will be another decisive year for the payments industry, as it should become clearer how the provisions on access to Payment Initiation and Account Information services (XS2A) as part of the revi...

14 Dec 2015
Myles Dawson

Top tips for driving revenue with omni-channel payments

Over the last few years, the retail industry has evolved to cater to new shopping habits and consumer trends – particularly in the light of new NFC technologies such as Apple Pay. This has pushed me

14 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Moving payment in the cloud applications forward - it shouldn't just be about deployment.

Over the past few years the decision to deploy applications in the cloud has been mainly one of IT strategy: is it more cost effective and/or efficient to opt for a cloud-based deployment model rather...

11 Dec 2015
Steve Cook

EBA sets out plans to exempt some payments from strong customer authentication rules under PSD2

December 9th - Businesses and consumers could be able to sanction low-value payments, payments made to "trusted beneficiaries" and the transfer of funds between different payment accounts th...

10 Dec 2015
Luke Purser

9th December 2015: Christmas Comes Early for European Merchants

Today marks a significant date for interchange rates across the Europe as all EU countries align their domestic credit (0.3%) and debit card (no more than 0.2%) rates. Whilst several countries includi...

09 Dec 2015