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Kirsty Berry

Kirsty Berry

Head of Product Marketing & Market Analytics at Compass Plus
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Bio Kirsty Berry is the Head of Product Marketing & Market Analytics at Compass Plus, a company that offers comprehensive, integrated and flexible payments and retail banking software to payment service providers and financial institutions worldwide.



Loyalty and banks: a marriage of convenience?

22 Jan 2019

The results of a survey released by Valassis this week revealed that almost a third of US consumers don’t feel any loyalty to their bank, with 10% of respondents planning to switch their bank within a year. If we compare this to the UK, where consumers are more likely to get divorced than switch bank, the apparent disparity in loyalty across the p...


Cardless cash transactions: the future of ATMs?

12 Apr 2017

We all have days where we don’t remember important things like keys or wallets. Recently I had one of those days. I had run out of the house in a rush and, at lunch, I realised I had forgotten my purse. Not a big problem, I hear you say - we have Apple Pay now after all! However, as my local supermarket didn’t accept contactless payments, it proved...



Transport: The driving force behind contactless payments in the UK

17 Aug 2016

It has been well documented that the transport industry has been the driving force behind contactless cards in the UK, with Transport for London being instrumental in both their adoption and acceptance on its tube and bus networks. However, as just one system in one city, it isn’t the only way that the transport industry has influenced consumer be...



Why mobile banking is essential

02 Jun 2016

According to a 2015 Deloitte study, 76% of the UK adult population has a smartphone and whilst the ‘will it take off’ story of mobile payments seems to have taken the spotlight, there is another financial tool on the device that plays an important role in the daily lives of many consumers - mobile banking. Mobile banking is often pushed to the bac...


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