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Andre Malinowski

Andre Malinowski

Head of International Business at Computop GmbH
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Career History Computop,ModusLink, Innopay, Bibit (RBS Worldpay), European Commission, Forrester Research, Cisco, Microsoft



Trends in electronic payments: What to expect in 2016

25 Dec 2015

The payments landscape is changing fast – and much of this fast-paced change is being driven by today’s digitally empowered consumers, whose expectations have been transformed by the smartphone and the services these supply. This means that more than ever before, consumers expect payments to be fast, convenient and hassle-free. And that’s set payme...



Payments in the full-service e-commerce organization

21 Mar 2015

In the ever-growing complexity of today’s e-commerce world, organizations are facing more and more the challenge of understanding their needs and identifying and selecting the appropriate business partners for offering e-commerce capabilities. Planning the elements of the end-to-end e-commerce strategy starts with the product and service value prop...


SEPA is coming to town

04 Dec 2013

SEPA, the so called Single Euro Payments Area, is a combined effort of the EU governments, the European Commission and the European Central Bank to create one integrated payments market across Europe for all organizations or individuals making or receiving payments. By replacing today's fragmented national payment systems with a single set of SEPA...



22 Nov 2013

The multi-channel world has seen tremendous development in the past decades. During the last 20 years, the e-commerce market has expanded and is still growing. New global acquirers and innovative localized payment schemes are continually emerging. While developed markets continue to command a significant share of global online retail sales, they s...