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Dean Wallace

Dean Wallace

Director of Consumer Payments Modernisation at ACI
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Steps to progressive platform modernisation

10 Sep 2021

There’s no doubt banks need to modernise legacy systems to keep up with today’s demand, but the risk of big bang migrations (moving an entire dataset from legacy to targeted systems in one operation) has never been higher. And it’s proving to be a blocker for progressive platform modernisation. The arrival of non-bank providers, including Big Tech...

The future of Payments in Europe

Real-Time Digital Payments: A Global View

17 Aug 2021

The payments industry is always looking for new ways to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase security and most importantly, improve the customer experience. However, when it comes to real-time or instant payments, it will take more than simply modernising existing Automated Clearing House (ACH) rails to drive forward the adoption of new inn...

The future of Payments in Europe

The shifting sands of consumer payments in Europe

15 Jul 2021

The world is changing, and so are the ways we pay. From food and clothes, to fuel and everything else needed for daily life, consumers are making more and more digital payments than ever before. And it seems we are well on our way towards becoming a truly cashless society. Last year saw 3.2 billion mobile wallet transactions made in the UK, a Year...




22 Oct 2018