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Director of Product Management, Payments at ACI
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22 Oct 2018

Open Banking

Open Banking and the Evolution of Digital Payments

05 Oct 2018

Open Banking is shaking up the financial services sector and opening up new avenues and opportunities for both banks and payment service providers (PSPs). The open API ecosystems that are emerging are helping players in the sector create next-generation value propositions – evolving their existing operations to make more of emerging digital techno...


Saying NO to card payments loses customers. Obvious, you'd have thought

31 Jul 2016

It's a lovely summer day in York, UK. Well not really, as it's the UK and in the North, but put that to one side. "Let's hire a boat and take the kids on the river" - what a great idea! Ok, set aside the fact it's £25 for 30 minutes - I'm a grumpy ageing dad and it's probably reasonable in today's prices... well, maybe... "What do...



Don't forget, it's the shopping experience that counts

25 Jan 2016

It’s Monday morning, I’m in A&E. Not a usual scenario, but with young kids tearing around they do tend to bash into things now and then. So here I am, in the waiting room, my son with a fat lip, and we're both BORED. “I know, I’ll have a cup of coffee” I think to myself, “How cool, they have put contactless on the vending machine and are a