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Bio My role is to help drive growth of a new payments network - transaction volume and participants, large and small, with a focus on banks, non-banks, and market infrastructures. However, views and ideas expressed in my blogs and comments are entirely my own and are made only in a personal capacity. I relish independent thinking, and hopefully this is reflected in my writing. I welcome debate and challenges to my writing, please respond and comment with your ideas and views. Career History Payments Fintech from April 2018 Accenture until Feb 2018


Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

Bitcoin at 50,000 USD

18 Feb 2021

Bitcoin at 50k USD In March 2018 I posted a Finextra blog “Bitcoin at 50,000 USD”. It was framed as a scenario rather than a prediction and I observed that no-one could possibly know with any certainty what would happen next with Bitcoin. However, the objective of the blog was to examine what Bitcoin and the crypto landscape would look like should...


The Payments Business

Big Brother is Watching You - Payment Systems, Surveillance Systems, Control Systems

29 Sep 2020

1230 words, 4:50 min read An Orwellian Dystopia As more and more payments become digital, a key question for payment systems architects is how to preserve the privacy of their users. Without privacy, payments systems risk becoming surveillance systems for government agencies and for corporations. In turn these can be extended into control systems ...

Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

The Future of Money and Payments

08 Sep 2020

1200 words, 4.5 minute read Central bank balance sheets are ballooning the world over, and in parallel, adoption of shared ledgers using blockchain is accelerating. These major shifts indicate the global architecture for money and payments is on the cusp of structural change. Blockchain analysis and debate are dominated by a focus on cryptocurrenci...


Fintech Resilience - a Lesson from Wirecard

06 Jul 2020

770 words, 3 minute read The Wirecard debacle has hit the headlines with a vengeance, begging the question: flawed regulation or flawed Fintech models? On first appearance, it feels like that there is a regulatory problem. However, it looks like this is an old fashioned accounting fraud, that just happens to be with a payments processor. The missin...

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