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Konstantin Rabin

Will China-Africa partnership take the central stage in the 2020 fintech scene

In 2019 the fintechs finally managed to become the talk of the town. They expanded their reach, improved the lives of millions and finally this year they got the recognition for what they’ve done and ...

30 Dec 2019
Konstantin Rabin

Will South Africa maintains its status as the unlikely fintech leader

This year has been a huge success for South Africa and Africa in general as well in terms of gaining a reputation for innovative technologies, embracing financial innovations and producing unicorn sta...

26 Dec 2019
Konstantin Rabin

What will Fintech scene look like in 2020 according to the industry experts

2019 was an excellent year for fintechs in terms of exposure and raising awareness among the majority of the population about what fintechs are and what potential they hold for the regular citizens. I...

23 Dec 2019
Financial Inclusion
Jesse Champagne

10 Reasons You Need To Get A Prepaid Card Today

More and more consumers around the world are turning to prepaid for payments. The question you may be asking yourself is, “Why?” For starters, prepaid is convenient, secure, versatile, easy to use, an...

18 Dec 2019
Tim Duncan

FDIC Issues New Rule With Significant implications to Inclusive Fintech and Nonprofits

Summary: Last week the FDIC announced that it was issuing a new rule that will modify two definitions in the regulations regarding deposits that are facilitated by third parties to banks and other i...

18 Dec 2019
Inclusive FinTech
Sudhesh Giriyan

The synergy between remittances and globalisation

An appropriate time to talk about remittances and their effect on globalisation is right now. According to industry reports remittances have almost overtaken Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as the lar...

09 Dec 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Breana Patel

How Lenders Can Reduce Compliance Risk For Unfair, Deceptive Or Abusive Practices UDAAP

The prohibition of “unfair or deceptive acts and practices” by federal banking regulators is not new. First introduced via the 1938 Wheeler–Lea Act, with a significant expansion in 2004, the concept h...

02 Dec 2019
Financial Risk Management
Amy T


FinTech, shortened from Financial Technology, is a fast-rising industry that improves financial activities like asset and wealth management through technology, hence its name. It is a technologically ...

23 Nov 2019
Konstantin Rabin

China is on a mission to regulate Fintech

China has now publicly voiced its desire to be the leading country in financial technology development and adoption. The president of the republic openly called for the promotion of blockchain technol...

22 Nov 2019
Konstantin Rabin

ESMA introduces TC-CCP classification system - Another move to block risky trades?

The European Securities and Markets Authority has introduced a new system that will classify Third Country Central Counterparties according to tiers. The tiers will be assigned to the CCPs according ...

15 Nov 2019
Marcus Martinez

SMEs: Too small to serve, too big to ignore

The first wave of Open Banking was characterised by a steep learning curve for the nine largest UK banks. The new technology standard created challenges in all organisational aspects. Banks will have ...

14 Nov 2019
Open Banking
Konstantin Rabin

Blockchain Potential and Challenges as seen by the EU

Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency is getting more and more attention from states and companies trying to use the system to serve a larger variety of causes. Blockchains offer the servic...

08 Nov 2019
Blockchain Observations