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Consumer finance is going digital and mobile. We need to make sure that millions of families share in the benefits and aren’t left behind. FinTech can lower costs and enable undeserved families with the tools to navigate a complex and sometimes treacherous financial world without the resources of wealthier households. Nonprofits and public sector organizations around the world have provided financial counseling and other services at little or no cost to help families but these organizations need to adapt to a digital world.

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Jaime Lowe

The move to eCommerce platforms and what it means for SMEs

For centuries, payments and how people make and receive them, barely changed. It wasn’t until the first set of computers were plugged into a budding technology known as the internet that talk of real ...

23 Sep 2021
Payson Johnton

Smarter risk assessment is key to drive equitable financing for SMBs

As businesses across the nation continue to swim against COVID-19’s economic tsunami, we’re beginning to see a new trend emerge from companies who have fared well (or thrived): social impact financing...

12 Feb 2021
Payson Johnton

Trustworthy Risk Assessment and Sustainable Financing is Key to SMB Recovery

Integrated, tech-based risk assessment capabilities provide an ethical and sustainable infrastructure to ensure financial responsibility, and allow small-to-medium businesses to access vital recovery ...

14 Dec 2020
Tim Duncan

Automated Redlining in 2020 - Is Tech Systemically Biased?

The Covid-19 health and economic crisis has expanded and accelerated our adoption of technology at a rate never seen before. We are finding ourselves in a place that might otherwise have taken years

04 Aug 2020
Tim Duncan

Speed and Scale: The End and Beginning of Inclusive Finance

The Private, Public and Impact Sectors Join Forces for AI for Good Close to 4,000 people are expected to attend the 2020 United Nations AI for Good Summit in Geneva. Senior executives from impact or...

27 Feb 2020
Tim Duncan

FDIC Issues New Rule With Significant implications to Inclusive Fintech and Nonprofits

Summary: Last week the FDIC announced that it was issuing a new rule that will modify two definitions in the regulations regarding deposits that are facilitated by third parties to banks and other i...

18 Dec 2019

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