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Juan Zafra

Card acquiring trends in the Caribbean

Card acceptance In general terms, card acceptance is widespread in tourist areas and continues to experience a period of dynamic growth in the region. Card usage is relatively high in countries with l...

12 Feb 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Konstantin Rabin

Mastercard is introducing Fintech Express

Global payments industry giant, Mastercard is taking big steps towards embracing Fintech. During the Singapore Fintech Festival taking place from Nov-11 to Nov 13 of this year, Mastercard announced it...

12 Nov 2019
Financial Inclusion
Jesse Champagne

The Key To Victory This Black Friday And Cyber Monday

American Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: sales, sales, and more sales! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the highest-traffic days for retailers, both online and in...

06 Nov 2019
Jayanth Jagadeesh

Biometric Credit Cards. Innovative? Yes, raises a few questions though.

Did you see this news? NatWest to trial biometric credit card NatWest is to begin a three-month trial of biometric fingerprint credit cards with 150 customers. The biometric credit cards will offer co...

11 Oct 2019
Konstantin Rabin

Fintech implementation in Macau helped decrease STRs

Macau is one of the largest gaming havens in the world thanks to its close proximity to mainland China, where it gets millions of visitors every year from. The bridge that connects the administrative ...

10 Oct 2019
Rafael Lourenco

How fraud prevention is costing e-commerce businesses millions - and customer satisfaction

According to a new report by Aite Group, merchant losses to e-commerce fraud are projected to grow to $6.4 billion by 2021. Fraud is a persistent and increasingly sophisticated threat to retailer pro...

10 Oct 2019
Jayanth Jagadeesh

Digital Payments - India embarking on another bold move..

Indian banking ecosystem has over 920 Million debit cards in circulation. That is almost 20 times as many active credit cards in the country. In spite of the great number of cards in circulation, our

23 Sep 2019
Bigger than Technology
Bernd Richter

European Mobile Payments - the next chapter?

Yet another run on mobile payments in Europe - or really the next chapter to build a realistic and successful counterbalance to Apple, Google, Samsung, Visa, Mastercard and alike? An newly created a...

03 Sep 2019
SEPA and European Payments
Rik Coeckelbergs

How a traditional mercado transforms the payments experience in Mechelen

For those who don’t know Mechelen: this is my home town. It is a small city in Belgium, right in between Brussels and Antwerp. These days, its colourful history makes of Mechelen a hotspot for tourist...

04 Jul 2019
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Patrick Bermingham

APMs for B2B payments...Buzzword or next big thing?

Despite delivering convenience, speed and a better user experience in the consumer payments market, alternative payment methods (APMs) feature less prominently in the world of B2B transactions. It’s h...

01 Jul 2019
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Ron Delnevo

The Cost of Cash......

I was very disappointed to see in the recent UK Access to Cash Review the headlined assertion that “cash is expensive”. Even if the figure of £5 Billion quoted in the Review as being the annual cost o...

29 Apr 2019
Financial Inclusion
Keith Stanton

Card Fraud in Europe - it's still increasing

In September last year – the ECB produced its first report on Card Fraud since 2015. It is unusual to see a public report that covers all of Europe and there are some interesting viewpoints to be take...

17 Mar 2019
Financial Risk Management