20 July 2017


Ketharaman SwaminathanGTM360 Marketing Solutions - Pune

How To Fight Credit Card Surcharge And Take CashlessIndia To The Next Level

18 July 2017  |  3045 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 1

I recently read the following tweet: "After Banks figure this out and do something with eKYC, they will realize that people are not ready to pay MDR, want privacy" (https://twitter.com/logic/status/833642760456376320) I replied back pointing out that: "But Merchants pay MDR, not Consumers!" (https://twitter.com/s_ketharaman/stat...

Chris BrownTrusek - Amersham

What will replace the card schemes?

07 July 2017  |  7126 views  |  5 comments | recommendations Recommends 3

There has been much talk recently about how card payments will replace cash altogether in the future. I have talked previously about my opinion that the card schemes (Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc) are past their sell-by date and we need an alternative. I have also discussed my vision of a future with a different type of payment network support

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Bo Harald
Bo HaraldZEF, Transmeri, Real Time Economy Program - Helsinki Region

Demise of cash

05 July 2017  |  4462 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Bank of Finland report - ATMs (branch share very small): 2014: 145,1 million times 2015: 136,9 2016: 123,4 Billion € 2014: 14,4 2015: 13,9 2016: 12,9 Old expensive habit exiting.

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Lu Zurawski
Lu ZurawskiACI Worldwide - London

Do ATMs dream of electric money?

26 June 2017  |  3548 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Its nearly half a century since the famous American science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick wrote the novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", which went on to become the Ridley Scott m...

Andy Ramsden
Andy RamsdenTrustonic - Cambridge

Panic! Contactless card fraud is on the rise!

01 June 2017  |  10155 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 3

So, contactless card fraud hit £7m in the UK in 2016, up from £153k in 2014. Cue click-bait headlines about fraud soaring by almost 4,500%. When you dig a bit deeper, this is both mischievous scaremo...

Myles Dawson
Myles DawsonAdyen - London

4 tips to optimize your recurring and subscription payments

10 May 2017  |  11309 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Increasingly, businesses are adopting subscription and recurring business models, as championed by the likes of Netflix and Spotify. Indeed, Zuora’s latest Subscription Economy Index highlighted how s...

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Milos Dunjic
Milos DunjicTD Bank Group - Toronto

The Persistent Payment Fraud Challenge and What Can Be Done About It

06 May 2017  |  13525 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

As I review the latest payments industry news, I am trying to identify if there could be some low-hanging fruit that would make sense for the payments card industry to focus on. It seems that there is...

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What Does MasterCard’s Biometric Chip Mean for Consumers?

27 April 2017  |  14890 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Have you heard the news? In an ongoing attempt to fight back against those wishing to do financial harm to their customers, Mastercard is beginning a trial of a card which has a chip, along with a fin...

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Ketharaman Swaminathan
Ketharaman SwaminathanGTM360 Marketing Solutions - Pune

Why Does Cash Still Rule Ecommerce In India?

21 April 2017  |  12740 views  |  2 comments | recommendations Recommends 2

Contrary to popular belief, ecommerce began in India in the mid-1990s, which was way before Flipkart came into existence in circa 2007. I remember placing orders from a dial-up modem on Fabmall, Redif...

Tapan Agarwal
Tapan AgarwalIntellect Design Arena Ltd - London

Paperless Digital ?

21 April 2017  |  6269 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

The terms Digital / Paperless / Straight thruough processing / seamless customer experience etc have been around for quite sometime. As customers we have begun to assume and expect it now all the time...

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