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Mike Lynch

Overcoming Vulnerabilities In TLS

Recently Sudo Security Group uncovered something shocking about a range of popular applications available for download in the Apple's iOS Store. While performing research for their security tool verif...

28 Feb 2017
Information Security
Howard Berg

2017: the year of the seamless integrated banking experience?

The last decade has seen the global banking industry wrestle with a lethargic economy, historically low interest rates, and a stiff regulatory environment. But the tide of forces squeezing margins cou...

27 Feb 2017
Steve Cook

What are the advantages of biometric authentication in replacing passwords?

Biometric technology has a number of different user cases in order to ease the customer journey. It can be used as a replacement for the user-name and password as a convenient log-in, or as a simple...

21 Feb 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Fending off fraudsters: six steps to tackling financial crime in banking today

In the financial services industry, disruptive technology is generally seen as an enabler of business growth, as well as an enhanced consumer experience. For example, blockchain ledgers have the poten...

17 Feb 2017
Banking Architecture
Retired Member

GDPR means taking a hard look at communications channels

GDPR should make life a lot easier in some ways. If you’re doing business in Europe, it makes sense to be dealing with a set of standard regulations rather than navigating through individual markets’ ...

13 Feb 2017
Anthony Walton

How to migrate systems with total confidence

A combination of ‘big data analytics’ and ‘distributed ledger technology’ could help financial institutions combat escalating levels of financial crime. This is the view of the FCA, the UK’s financial...

13 Feb 2017
Retired Member

Blockchain Inadvertently Fuelling Cloud Adoption

Banks have traditionally had an aversion to cloud computing over security fears. Whilst just about every other industry has made the transition, banks have been one of the last to adopt cloud technolo...

09 Feb 2017
Robert Siciliano

How to Make Dollar 5 Million a Day in Cybercrime

This post isn’t exactly a “how to” but if your current employment isn’t bringing in the bacon, I’m sure your criminal mind can figure it out. In the biggest digital advertising fraud in the history of...

08 Feb 2017
Retired Member

Angst Over the EBA’s PSD2 Two-Factor Authentication Directive

The convenience and speed of online shopping and banking in Europe are said to be under threat by proposed standards from the European Banking Authority (EBA) due to be released in January of 2017. T...

06 Feb 2017
Retired Member

Why all banks will follow Deutsche Bank and ban insecure messaging apps

WhatsApp is a data security and compliance nightmare for banks. I get why so many people use it in business. It’s immediate, conveys a sense of urgency and you see when someone’s read your message (so...

06 Feb 2017
Abhishek Chatterjee

Capital Market - How to drive Technology led growth?

Capital market industry is facing challenges across revenue growth, capital charges and high structural costs. Investment banking revenue fell 4% led by 8% decline in Fixed income, 5% drop in advisory...

04 Feb 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Michael Wright

Counter Point to 'Banks are Struggling with Email'

John Safa's opinion piece entitled 'Banks are struggling with email' presented a single lens to the topic. Here is an alternative viewpoint. Banks are not 'struggling' with email, indeed they are inc...

02 Feb 2017