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Information Security

Insane in the Mainframe: Securing against modern threats

06 Nov 2017

Mainframes and their use at modern enterprises are seen by many as outdated legacy IT systems that are becoming more and more obsolete as businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on the cloud. However, these notions are not entirely accurate. In reality, mainframe computing remains alive and well within many infrastructure-critical industrie...

Information Security

Why should Financial Services organisations automate their threat intelligence

18 Oct 2017

It can often feel like cybercriminals are two steps ahead. The result is that security professionals are constantly creating and updating their security protocols to match the volume of equally sophisticated malware attack vectors being directed at them. This is especially true for cybersecurity in financial institutions, this is in part due to th...

Information Security

The 3 questions the financial services industry needs to ask itself regarding GDPR

29 Sep 2017

Businesses around the globe are becoming increasingly data-driven. This is largely due to the expectation of customisation of the user experience. Financial institutions, in particular have been able to use customer data and customisation in order to offer tailored services to their customers, such as loans or insurance, based on recent purchases ...

Information Security

Financial services: Reduce the cyber risk from within

17 Aug 2017

Financial services organisations are at an inherently greater risk of cyber attacks due to the sensitive nature of the data they store, and the monetary motivations of cybercriminals, they are keenly aware of the damage that can result from being a victim of a data breach. In 2016, the financial services sector was the most frequently targeted ind...