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Andy Brown

Better together: banks and fintechs join forces

In recent years, as the nascent growth of financial technology has started to bloom, there has been marked industry opposition between fintechs and banks. The emergence of fresh, lean start-ups using ...

23 Sep 2016
Graham Seel

Is Blockchain Really the Answer to Global Payments?

Ripple (amongst others) promises to disrupt correspondent banking by driving out delay, cost, complexity, and uncertainty. Will it deliver on this promise? Ripple has recently announced Series B fundi...

21 Sep 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Reasons for creating a payment business in Europe.

Maxim Ivanchenko, Canopus IT Director General, Advapay project founder In my opinion, there are at least 4 main reasons why it makes sense to create a payment business in Europe. Improved legislat...

21 Sep 2016
Parth Desai

Building intelligence: Part One

There has been much talk about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within financial services to streamline processes and add value, some of which we are already seeing in the form of robo advisors...

20 Sep 2016
Tom Hay

PSD2 and instant payments: are they a threat to cards?

Autonomous Research recently held a forum to update their customers from the investment and asset management community on recent developments and trends in payments. I was invited to speak, and shared...

15 Sep 2016
Retired Member

Fintech innovation in the B2B space has only just begun

The payments landscape has seen some major changes in the last decade thanks to innovations from new entrants to the market. Consumers have benefitted from better rates, lower fees, improved customer ...

12 Sep 2016
Paul Miserez

Standards and initiatives

At the occasion of the 2016 Standards Forum to be held from 26 to 29 September in Geneva, I interviewed a number of SWIFT standards experts about the content of this year's programme. As each of the ...

12 Sep 2016
Standards Forum
Anthony Walton

Hope is not a test strategy and how to get testing right

I’ve seen it too many times. Development projects in testing can end up in a tangled mess when the required thinking is not employed up front. I rarely see people putting in place plans which they bel...

09 Sep 2016
Hugo Cuevas-Mohr

OVERSEAS WORKERS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Lay-offs, Remittances and Government intervention

The situation in Saudi Arabia for overseas workers is critical. During the oil boom migrant workers went from 5.3M in 2000 to 10.2M in 2015 according to UN figures. More than 1M have lost their jobs i...

08 Sep 2016
Robert Schneider

Cash visibility is essential, there is no alternative in today's dynamic global marketplace

Much has been written about the need for corporate treasurers to have visibility of their cash positions and yes, whilst an end of month financial report may have sufficed in the past, today the need ...

07 Sep 2016
Richard Carter

The winner from PSD2 will be the consumer, but what about banks and lenders?

The recent Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report on the state of the UK banking market had a number of things to say about future direction, though perhaps the most important was the endor

04 Sep 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

The cold hard truth about 3DSecure

Even protocols whose mission and process remain the same need updating In the world of online commerce, customer confidence is incredibly important. In the early days of the internet, 3D Secure was on...

01 Sep 2016