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Bio Consultant to Fintech firms selling to, or partnering with, banks. Services include fractional Customer Success Executive, custom sponsored webinars, papers, etc. Career History 30-plus years in technology and product management roles, and 3 years in non-profit financial services for the poor.


Financial Inclusion

Can Savings Group to Bank Linkage Really Work? A Tale of Two Banks

16 Jul 2019

There has been plenty of discussion in recent years about the effectiveness of linking informal Savings Groups with formal Financial Service Providers. Some people will tell you that they are very effective in expanding the capabilities of savings groups to further benefit economic growth in the community. Others will tell you that SGs and FSPs ha...

Financial Inclusion

Technology the Answer to Savings Group Linkage

27 Apr 2018

Technology is essential if linkage is to work for savings group members and for banks. But what technology? A soon-to-be-published report for World Renew documents my research on Savings Group linkages to FSPs. One of the areas I explore is the role of technology in creating sustainable, profitable and effective linkage. Technology to Redu...

Financial Inclusion

What Could Be Better Than Savings Groups?

21 Apr 2018

The simple answer: Savings Groups plus access to a formal Financial Services Provider (FSP). Sometimes! A soon-to-be-published report for World Renew documents my research on Savings Group linkages to FSPs. The key question is whether, when and how to link Savings Groups (such as the CARE Village Savings and Loan model) to formal providers like ban...

Financial Inclusion

Linking Savings Groups to the Formal Financial Sector

13 Jan 2018

Financial Inclusion efforts for the world’s poorest people have particularly focused on urban areas, and have had some success. But there is a tremendous relatively untapped opportunity for the formal financial sector to extend their reach to the rural poor. Millions people have joined informal savings groups in 75+ countries, with estimates r...

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Should SWIFT be afraid of blockchain technology?

  Carlo, thanks. This is a good, well-structured post, leading to at least as likely an outcome as any. There is a certain amount of arrogance about Ripple's stance that could come back to bite them. But a collaboration between SWIFT and Ripple would make sense if they can play nice together - they are radically different kinds of organization. A few things to bear in mind: 1. SWIFT is a messaging system, not a payment settlement system. Settlement occurs through funding of nostro accounts. 2. SWIFT messaging covers more than just payments - FX contract confirmations, letters of credit, nostro statements, etc. 3. There is much more to SWIFT than a messaging infrastructure - the community, governance, standards body, etc are all needed in some form. 4. Adoption by a handful of banks (or even a few hundred) doesn't resolve the need for a truly global payments messaging infrastructure. Without a collaboration, there is a real market risk that enough volume will move from SWIFT to a blockchain-based alternative to make SWIFT unprofitable, while thousands of banks lack the resources to make the switch in the same timeframe - there could be a time during which there is no viable payment mechanism for smaller international banks.  5. SWIFT has made a whole-scale technology transition before, when it moved to an X.25 based network. It was long and painful, but almost entirely without major problems. A move to a distributed ledger infrastructure is also eminently possible without major disruption. My money is on SWIFT partnering with Ripple, Ethereum, or another consortium - partnership for transformation, not competition for disruption.