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Marc Murphy

Are banks at risk of missing regulatory deadlines?

Attending a data management event last week in London, it suddenly dawned on me that banks are in real danger of missing regulatory deadlines for implementation of compliance initiatives to comply wit...

26 Mar 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

Pushing working capital boundaries for mid-sized corporates

Bankers in Asia are preparing for increased intra-regional trade with the proposed creation and integration of the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015. This integration will bring better banking infrastr...

20 Mar 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Yusuf Rangwala

Ignoring financial standards - A missed opportunity

Standards play a vital role in the prudent management of financial systems. With the advent of electronic payment products, transaction volumes are increasing and the requirement to exchange data i

04 Mar 2013
Marc Murphy

Four Regulations; One Delivery Plan

On the plane back from a meeting recently, I got to thinking about the complexity of compliance. The sheer number of new and evolving regulations that are coming down the road is simply staggering. Im...

27 Feb 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Reetu Khosla

How to turn new FATCA regulations into competitive advantage

Financial organisations are starting to sweat as the first deadline for FATCA compliance looms on the horizon. Next January 1st will see banks ringing in the New Year with new account opening procedu...

25 Feb 2013
Retired Member

Integrating the Manufacturers value chain

Corporate eBanking services are relatively new in emerging markets and are just beginning to take off. With many treasurers set to upgrade their payment systems there is an opportunity to provide the...

14 Feb 2013
Treasury Management
Enrico Camerinelli

The EU Directive on Late Payments

The EU directive on Late Payments (2011/7/EU) is just around the corner. The new Directive will have to be transposed into national law by 16 March 2013 at the latest by all countries in the European ...

12 Feb 2013
Financial Supply Chain
Marc Murphy

Solving the complexity of FATCA classification

Under FATCA rules, every foreign financial institution (FFI) must identify and classify all its clients with US indicia, but also do the same for all parties to financial transactions, including other...

11 Feb 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

Enterprise Governance in Banks

Everyone’s talking about enterprise (business) governance. Typically conversations focus on the application of structured controls across the enterprise to ensure enterprise-wide collaboration between...

07 Feb 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Tony Tarquini

Insurers - Get with the Times

I have been in the insurance software business now for more than 25 years, and early in my career, the question was raised: “Why do brokers have client administration systems while insurers struggle o...

04 Feb 2013
Retired Member

Unlock hidden value in existing customer relationships

Is relationship pricing and billing on your radar for 2013? Did you know? For every $1 billion in annual revenue generated by global transaction services, banks can “leak” upwards of $25 million – rev...

31 Jan 2013
Retired Member

6 Nations 2013 - Finextra Fantasy League

It’s that time of year again… the RBS 6 Nations kicks off this weekend and as a result so does (the arguably more important) Finextra Fantasy League on ESPN As with previous years, it’s fre...

31 Jan 2013
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