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This network brings together treasury and financial professionals who manage treasury functions. Members share a common interest in treasury, cash management, banking, risk management and investments.

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John Bertrand

Association of Corporate Treasures (ACT) March 23 Cash Management Conference

The ACT Cash Management conference held in London last week was a well attended, outstanding event covering many issues facing the Corporate Treasures, banks and our selves in these uncertain times. ...

27 Mar 2023
Nadeem Shamim

Why is it critical to have a robust intraday liquidity management system coupled with stress testing

It’s been a topic of discussion lately whether banks are conducting adequate stress tests on their liquidity, particularly when it comes to intraday liquidity. Many banks see these tests as a regulato...

23 Mar 2023
Nadeem Shamim

Building resilience through real-time liquidity management

As a society, we rely heavily on banks to keep our financial systems running smoothly. However, recent events have shown that there is vulnerability in the system and even the most established and rep...

21 Mar 2023
Laurent Descout

How CFOs can simplify their tech stack

The CFO role has evolved significantly in recent years, from being the financial gatekeeper who balances the books, to a key adviser and strategic decision maker for the business. As a result, they h...

13 Feb 2023
Retired Member

Five corporate banking trends that are transforming the treasury

Transaction banking needs bringing into the 21st century. By starting with core banking platforms, banks can rethink how they operate for good, building closer ties with their clients. This blog outl...

14 Dec 2022
Retired Member

5 reasons why corporate banking is changing forever

While consumer banking has advanced massively in recent years, corporate transaction banking has been slower to embrace change. In a recent Finextra webinar, 10x Founder and CEO Antony Jenkins joine...

22 Nov 2022
Laurent Descout

Tackling businesses’ cross-border payments challenge

When the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) published its work programme for 2021–22, it highlighted shaping the future of payments as one of its key priorities. This includes cro...

22 Mar 2022
Pete McIntyre

Digital Assets, Crypto, Blockchain - what's this got to do with Treasury and Intraday Liquidity?

Blockchain, Digital Assets, Crypto, Tokenised Assets, Digitial Currencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). I’m sure that I’ve missed out many nouns and adjectives that are used to cover this ...

17 Feb 2022
Laurent Descout

Real-time Data is Treasurers’ Top Priority

An industry survey conducted by the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) has revealed that treasurers are now recognising the value of the vast quantities of data at their disposal. Wh...

24 Nov 2021
Laurent Descout

Corporate hedging strategies: 5 simple ways to protect your business

A recent report showed that multinational corporations in the U.S. and Europe reported a loss of $9.5bn in Q1 2021 due to currency volatility. And these were just the published figures. If even the l...

24 Nov 2021

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