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This network brings together treasury and financial professionals who manage treasury functions. Members share a common interest in treasury, cash management, banking, risk management and investments.

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Pete McIntyre

Digital Assets, Crypto, Blockchain - what's this got to do with Treasury and Intraday Liquidity?

Blockchain, Digital Assets, Crypto, Tokenised Assets, Digitial Currencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). I’m sure that I’ve missed out many nouns and adjectives that are used to cover this ...

17 Feb 2022
Laurent Descout

Real-time Data is Treasurers’ Top Priority

An industry survey conducted by the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) has revealed that treasurers are now recognising the value of the vast quantities of data at their disposal. Wh...

24 Nov 2021
Laurent Descout

Corporate hedging strategies: 5 simple ways to protect your business

A recent report showed that multinational corporations in the U.S. and Europe reported a loss of $9.5bn in Q1 2021 due to currency volatility. And these were just the published figures. If even the l...

24 Nov 2021
Laurent Descout

Shaping your treasury operations for the digital era

Corporate treasurers are constantly being faced with a multitude of challenges in the increasingly fast-moving world we live in. For instance, the events of the last two years have forced an entire re...

24 Nov 2021
Anton Lashuk

10 Types of Business Budget to Consider at the Budget Planning Stage

Did you know that the majority of small businesses don’t even bother creating budgets? It’s true, as the statistics show. Consequently, they suffer from a lack of financial oversight; without budget p...

14 Sep 2021
Laurent Descout

Has the pandemic transformed treasury forever?

It’s difficult to remember what working life looked like pre-pandemic, but with many restrictions easing soon, it feels like we are closer than ever. That said, our nine to five working day won’t nece...

13 Sep 2021
Kamal Misra

Envisioning resilient treasury and cash management dynamics for corporate banking efficiency

In the corporate banking environment, treasury and cash management are closely aligned. Treasury management is amalgamated with corporate level decision making in areas such as strategic liquidity pos...

28 May 2021
Pete McIntyre

Intraday liquidity regulation: a decade of progress?

September 2008 saw the emblematic moment of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) when Lehman Brothers collapsed. Intraday liquidity was fundamental to this collapse. Correspondent banks were not willing ...

11 Mar 2021
Tim Page

Global liquidity challenges and the ever-changing demands that treasurers are faced with

The last 12 months have seen the biggest shift for treasurers to assess their current working practices as a number of compelling factors have come together to drive change. In today’s climate, treasu...

27 Jan 2021
Laurent Descout

Part two: FX and hedging for SMEs - between a rock and a hard place

FX execution and hedging have been a widely mismanaged feature of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for years, with no automation or analytics and high transaction costs. The need for a modern...

19 Jan 2021

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