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Robert Siciliano

Covid-19 Remote Desktop Has Significant Risks

Are you newly working from home? Or are you an old pro? Either way, it is likely you are using some form of remote desktop protocol. Those of us who have been working home as our primary means of earn...

24 Mar 2020
Joris Lochy

A bank account - A concept of the past

Almost every recent article written about banking starts with the statement that the banking industry is being disrupted by new competitors, new innovations and new technologies. Although this stateme...

23 Mar 2020
Electronic Bank Account Management
Scott Cutler

Putting a price on protection: the importance of cyber insurance

For almost as long as businesses have been subject to risk, some form of insurance has existed to mitigate their exposure. The first recorded commercial insurance policies date back to Babylonian tim...

23 Mar 2020
Information Security
Paul Shumsky

Fintechs Designed To Thrive In The Face Of Coronavirus

The coronavirus is expected to fundamentally change the way customers interact with their banks, retailers and other service providers – and fintech businesses, which were built to operate in a fast-m...

22 Mar 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Anant Patel

A dynamic payments environment calls for the right partner

Not too long ago, payment methods were limited. Now, the constant increase in choices leads consumers to change habits quickly. The payment options travel companies offer their customers can be a majo...

22 Mar 2020
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Konstantin Rabin

Will fintech change everyday lives in Africa and Asia?

The modern world is constantly changing, offering more to societies across the globe than before. The recent technological development has proven to be unprecedented and revolutionary, changing the li...

19 Mar 2020
Niall Twomey

6 Reasons to Connect to e-KYC Utilities

Over the last three blogs in this series, we’ve analyzed the need for e-KYC utilities to solve the current KYC challenge. We’ve examined the need to learn from previous KYC utility attempts and explor...

19 Mar 2020
Andrew Beatty

Goodbye Software, Hello Service

In the digital age, parents are often taught by their children. While Baby Boomers are digital immigrants, Millennials/Gen Z/Gen Alpha are all digital natives. Each generation uses the same technology...

19 Mar 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Rajiv Desai

Ready for ISO 20022? Make AI part of your migration toolkit

The ISO 20022 messaging standard will enable rapid payments processing and global settlement, with interoperability across many payments infrastructures. As we move closer to the migration deadline a...

18 Mar 2020
SWIFT Matters
Peter Davidson

In an Era of Remote Work, How Will Firms Manage Cross Border Payments to Employees?

The Coronavirus pandemic is already seeing many tech firms direct their employees to work from home. Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN), Twitter Inc, (NYSE:TWTR), and Facebo...

18 Mar 2020
The Payments Business
Konstantin Rabin

Some of the most influential Fintech products that came from Finland

Finland is definitely one of the most tech-developed countries in the world and this has reflected not only in the number of fintech startups but their success rate and influence, even outside of the ...

17 Mar 2020
Breana Patel

How To Improve Risk Management Processes In The First Line Of Defense For Large Banks

The Three Lines of Defense model, abbreviated as 3LOD, is a modern tool for enterprise risk management that has shifted corporate philosophy. This model creates an environment where everyone in an org...

17 Mar 2020
Innovation in Financial Services