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this Group Focusing Big Data Area and Data Engineering /Data Warehouse /Data Analytics

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James Corcoran

Stream If You Quant To Go Faster

Below, I outline the four key capabilities that should be present in a modern quant research analytics platform. Relevant for both business users, seeking better trading outcomes for themselves and th...

04 Jul 2022
Vlad Dobrynin

Is there room for start-ups in the world of super apps or is the market now too crowded?

Super apps are a collection of mobile services combined into a single ecosystem and with a common interface. They bring a raft of different services together under one digital roof. Many started from ...

14 Mar 2022
Jonathan Westley

Unlocking the potential of data to transform our world

Prior to COVID-19, digitalisation was already widespread and gaining pace. Rapid developments in technology have been kickstarting innovation across all sorts of sectors for years. Just think, Tesla h...

17 Feb 2022
David Collins

It’s Only Cloud Computing (but I like it)

A rolling stone gathers no moss, and a half-hearted move to the cloud delivers no value; it can even increase costs. Moving to the cloud provides a catalyst for change and enables new possibilities in...

15 Sep 2021
Glen Shok

Future of financial services is built on unstructured data

Unlocking the value of unstructured data is the key to the future of financial services. While banks, financial institutions and other capital markets participants continue to innovate to meet the cha...

08 Sep 2021
Bhavesh Parmar

Examples of the use of big data in business

Contrary to what many might think, SMEs have an advantage over large companies which is their reactivity. Because of the simplified flow of information, which is both fast and flexible, it is actually...

25 Aug 2021
Richard Price

Taking the optimal path to data-driven success

The vital importance of data is well understood in the financial services community. Banks everywhere have spent years investing heavily in a bid to extract value from the colossal and ever-expanding ...

13 Aug 2021
David Csiki

What’s Old is What’s New: Data is the Past, Present and Future of Investment Management

A recent survey sponsored by Northern Trust indicated that 98% of managers are seeking to incorporate data science to optimize their investment performance. The fact is that this has been a primary fo...

28 Jul 2021
Jim Steven

What partners do businesses need to prepare for a data breach?

The risk of a data breach is an ever-present challenge for businesses across the world. With more transactions between business and customer now carried out digitally than ever before, the currency of...

16 Jul 2021
James Corcoran

Why all businesses need to think with a microsecond mindset when it comes to their data

In 2020 nearly all businesses (97%) saw an increase in both the volume and variety of data entering their business. This growth was fuelled by the exponential growth in data volumes and the speed at w...

22 Jun 2021

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