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this Group Focusing Big Data Area and Data Engineering /Data Warehouse /Data Analytics

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Dmitriy Wolkenstein

Addressing Data Censoring in Credit Analytics and Model Building

Hi all, Nice to see you again. In this topic, we would like to start with an example to describe the problem of loan portfolio analysis better. Problem example: Data censoring, or the process in whic...

08 Oct 2023
Dmitriy Wolkenstein

Deconstructing the Data Dilemma in Banks: Banks have a false sense of having data

Hi all, It's Dmitriy from TIMVERO. Today we are starting our series of articles about data usage, AI/ ML modeling, and analytics in banking. First one is going to be about issues with data availabili...

06 Oct 2023
Rob Haslingden

How new regulations will help gaming companies better identify and support financial vulnerability

For the gaming industry, navigating the regulatory landscape is an ongoing challenge, but it also presents a new opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to player protection and resp...

09 Aug 2023
Barry Cashman

Maintaining an ‘always on’ and ever-prepared financial institution

Managing enterprise-wide operational resiliency has historically been a complex problem for Financial Service Institutions (FSIs). One year ago, the European Commission announced plans to establish a...

27 Jul 2023
Retired Member

Understand the value of data before you try to use it

Information is one of the most important weapons in the armoury of any bank. This is well understood by most institutions, as evidenced by the huge investment they have made in trying to leverage the ...

12 Dec 2022
David Csiki

Why Advanced Performance Reporting in Wealth Management is a Competitive Advantage

As Gartner® has noted in recent research, “Changing client requirements, cost, complexity and regulation make reporting capabilities a key factor in selection by investment firms. Clients demand that ...

19 Sep 2022
Vaibhav Sharma

How To Develop A Scalable Application Using AWS Cloud?

An application's scalability is as vital as its functionality and user interface. It is much more critical if your software will service more than a million users in the future. This blog will teach y...

26 Aug 2022
James Corcoran

Stream If You Quant To Go Faster

Below, I outline the four key capabilities that should be present in a modern quant research analytics platform. Relevant for both business users, seeking better trading outcomes for themselves and th...

04 Jul 2022
Vlad Dobrynin

Is there room for start-ups in the world of super apps or is the market now too crowded?

Super apps are a collection of mobile services combined into a single ecosystem and with a common interface. They bring a raft of different services together under one digital roof. Many started from ...

14 Mar 2022
Jonathan Westley

Unlocking the potential of data to transform our world

Prior to COVID-19, digitalisation was already widespread and gaining pace. Rapid developments in technology have been kickstarting innovation across all sorts of sectors for years. Just think, Tesla h...

17 Feb 2022

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