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Paul PenroseFinextra - London

Flying high: Ken Lewis stonewalls in style

27 February 2009  |  3818 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Bank bosses just don't get it. BofA president Ken Lewis is once again in hot water after flying to a hearing in New York with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on a luxury private jet. Lewis was there to answer questions about billion dollar bonus payouts to Merrill staff in December. Officials say he refused to supply the information Cuomo wanted, but...

TagsRetail bankingWholesale banking
Steve EllisMetia - London


27 February 2009  |  4640 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 1

Following on from Paul's post, effigy burning is obviously a step much too far. Without question. But for those with a robust sense of humour (and that definitely includes my friends who work in banks), this shot - courtesy vxla on Flickr - did make me chuckle.

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Paul Penrose
Paul PenroseFinextra - London

Protestors hang banking effigy at 'family event'

27 February 2009  |  3709 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

This is getting serious. Following on from the politically-sanctioned banking witch trials in Parliament, demonstrators have hanged an effigy of a banker from Marble Arch in protest at the growing fin...

TagsRetail bankingWholesale banking
Nick Hastings
Nick HastingsFinextra - London

Charity Thames Walk

26 February 2009  |  5436 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

OK so this may not be entirely relevant to our usual content covered here on Finextra but I wanted to use my blog profile as a platform to share with the world (well based on our recent user figures w...

TagsPaymentsWholesale banking
Keith Appleyard
Keith Appleyardavailable for hire - Bromley

British Telecom Business Process Re-Engineering

25 February 2009  |  4936 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

British Telecom have been pushing people for years now to sign up for Direct Debit, charging extra if you don't sign up. However, if they wanted to keep their costs down then they could start closer t...

Matt White
Matt WhiteFinextra - Toronto

Jack Straw hit by hackers

25 February 2009  |  3469 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Justice secretary Jack Straw is plastered all over the papers this morning after it emerged his hotmail account has been hacked by Nigerian scammers. The crims used the account to e-mail hundreds of ...

TagsSecurityRetail banking
Dean Procter
Dean ProcterTransinteract - Sydney

A Little Note On Blame... for the loss of confidence

24 February 2009  |  2579 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

It is difficult to swallow the idea that the media is responsible for the current loss of confidence. Perhaps a deepening might be accredited to media, but I think the worst news came in the form of t...

Paul Penrose
Paul PenroseFinextra - London

Shoot the messenger

20 February 2009  |  2590 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

A poll of CEOs at Fortune 1000 companies conducted by Frost & Sullivan has concluded that the global economic slump is all the fault of 'the media', which is twisting facts and exaggerating econom...

TagsRetail bankingWholesale banking
Retired Member
a non-active Finextra member

Why does sorry seem to be the hardest word?

19 February 2009  |  2017 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

According to a recent article apologies matter to China. The focus of the article was on the Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps who addressed fans in China following photographs published of him smoking ...

Dean Procter
Dean ProcterTransinteract - Sydney

Fusion-io Will Revolutionise Many Processes - Its hot!

17 February 2009  |  2321 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

I admit to holding out. I see new stuff out there and immediately see the possibilities, but can't bring myself to blab immediately. Steve Wozniak (Apple founder) has gone back to work at a company I ...

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