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Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

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SWIFT Y2020 Strategies - Expect expected

20 February 2014  |  4020 views  |  0

Y2020 SWIFT 

  • a global reporting hub
  • a central provider of services
  • global reporting and consultation hub

Y2014 - SWIFT

  • over 10 thous. banks are users
  • access to 60 HVS - high volume systems
  • access to 20 different ACH payment systems
  • real times sanctions screening to 30 public sanctions registers

SWIFT - an ISO Registry for BIC and IBAN

  • a payment, treasury and cash management platform
  • system integrator for banking and corporate
  • support for XML, CVS, Cobol Copybook, CGI, IDOC,
  • CT and DDs transfers  for banks and firms using own data structures
  • adding value to SEPA CTs and  DDs solutions
  • SWIFT Global Holiday real time Calendar
  • SEPA Data accelerator

 SEPA data integration -  ISO 20022 - so easy ?

  • Swift FIN MT 1xx, 2xx, 9xx series versus  EDIFACT preferred connectivity
  • routes via SwiftNet, support for XML,CSV, Fixed Widthand COBOL
  • dramatically speed up compliancy rates for all
  • corporates and banks using SAGE, Microsoft,  SAP or Oracle apps.
  • Y2016  EBA Clearing -SWIFT -ISO 20222 standards - expected 30mil/day  DD and CT transfers
  • fund industry removing to ISO 20222 funds - so easy?
  • SWIFT - end to end collateral processing chain for clearing houses
  • SWIFT messages MX standards
  • SWIFT FileAct Data Flows Messages for FX and Metals derivatives report

 Y2020 - SWIFT -  e-Payement Services Directive -  Innovator

  • Java virtualisation
  • currency Exchange
  • screen simulation of IT systems
  • e-booking regulations
  • e- invoicing
  • e-identity
  • e-mandates
  • analytic SW
  • psychometric system
  • protections against cyberattacks
  • infrastructure virtualisation
  • private clouds
  • mobile and social technology generating in qualified time
  • sensitive sales loads tracking
  • Big Data moving to Smart data

Y2020 SWIFT as  a Global RTGS Hub

  • Y2018 JASDEC Japanese Securities Depository will be connected to  SWIFT Net ISO 20222  messaging standards 
  • SWIFT RTGS payments - CIPS Renminbi Internat. Clearing n
  • India - Central Bank JV Go Local and  SWIFT RTGS payments
  • Bank of England - SWIFT -MIRS -a 21st c. RTGS project

Y2020 SWIFT -T2S - EU OTC derivatives - EU data watch dog

  • Y2015 - Y2017 launch of  pan-European settlement engine T2S
  • SWIFT -ISO messages for T2S securities settlement and management
  • SWIFT Value Added Network Solution connectivity services to T2S
  • Y2014 EMIR - SWIFT and  EU OTC derivatives reporting 
  • European citizen bank data and SWIFT
  • SWIFT - EU banks -  EU Data Protection Agencies

Y2020 SWIFT  anti-money laundering watch

  • real time screening and filtering 
  • support to 3SKey multi-application identity available in 90 countries
  • money transfers and  treasury Authentication
  • accuracy of date provided responsibility to own information
  • sanctioning screening services for SME
  • SWIFT -KYC Register -Know Your Customer
  • verifying the completeness validity

All the best,


by Milo Hoschek



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