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6G Critical Infrastructure and Quantum Secure technologies in mid of 2030's

The spectral technologies in mid of 2030s such as THz communication, molecular communication and quantum communication will dramatically improve the data rate.

The blockchain will become an important part of a 6G society using smart devices of all of multimedia data, The 6G new paradigm in the sustainable future will shift intelligent materials.

Cyber warfare poses a real threat to national security, as adversaries hack and disable critical infrastructure systems in other states, and use intelligence databases to obtain valuable information. The attack is not only by conventional military, economic and political methods, but also by cyber operations.

The possibility of being revolutionary in defense and national security has given quantum computers and artificial intelligence supremacy.  The  6G  wireless standards could make real time mobile internet speeds of 1 TB per second using massive volumes of data in essentially real time.

The 6G will integrate terrestrial wireless and satellite systems for a global network coverage with fully autonomous and self-driving vehicles, robotics,  or unmanned delivery drones services.

The operational and engineering challenges of quantum mechanics and the rapid pace of development of quantum computers have every six months doubled the number of qubits on the processor chips of quantum computers.

If this growth pattern continues, the quantum bit processor will crack one of the most widely used cryptos, the Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA) cryptosystem, and will be able to do so in next decade 2030s. 

This network outside the terrestrial globe allows for truly intelligent connectivity and penetration of artificial intelligence and enhanced network protocol stack.

Quantum repeater will rebroadcast quantum information, can broaden the network's reach. Instead of using satellites to transmit quantum information through the near-vacuum of space, the 6G quantum satellite flies without the loss of optical fiber. China is making the decision to launch its own quantum satellite.

The futuristic present of the 2030s is predicted, featuring holographic calls and haptic internet for non-existent wireless communication scenarios. The 6G provides the same reliability as a wired network with a low bit error rate when considering supported application types.

Key features for the future 6G i THz wireless communication systems, AI and programmable intelligent surfaces are listed prominent among all the blocks these innovations welcome the fundamental departure practised in the mobile wireless telecommunications industry.


picture, by author, September 9, 2020,   the   steppe lake Neusiedl in Central Europe



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