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6G Quantum 2035 Banking Communication

The 6G era will have hegemony around 2035. 6G bank communication will be accepted in various mobile data comparisons transmitted through spectrum 6G technology. An important part of the new paradigm of 6G will be the intelligent reflective surface, quantum teleportation, quantum encrypted messaging, 6G holography, distributed ledger. In the mid of 2030s,  the field of banking communications, quantum computers and 6G artificial intelligence become the part of the 6G network architecture.     

The  6G wireless standards  allow real-time time high-speed Internet communication using 1TB of data per second. Radio frequency THZ communications, quantum measurement, molecular communications, and quantum communications dramatically improve 6G data rates. Here, a set of network nodes or wearable devices, embedded sensors or nanodes collect sensitive information that is exchanged with 6G security threats.

Despite the fact that functional quantum computers are simply a matter of time and focused effort, the  quantum device technology advances, architectural research become  important in the design and implementation of larger quantum computing systems. On the other hand, with the advent of quantum computers, quantum software will play an important role in the power of quantum computers.

In order to help inference about the correctness of quantum programs, are developed several proof systems for verification of quantum programs, and presented a dynamic logic form of information flow in quantum systems. In particular, this method makes it possible to easily calculate the average running time and to analyze the interesting long-term behavior of quantum programs in finite-dimensional space.

At the current stage, the hardware of quantum computers is still very limited and its architecture is uncertain, so this language with a low-level language with a flow chart language has 2 classes of program variables: classical variables and quantum variables. Thus, the measurement command provides a way to connect classical and quantum variables. In particular, we show the structured quantum programming theorem which gives the transformation from a quantum flowchart program to a quantum while program.

The programming study of classical computers is a huge area that includes numerous sub-areas such as programming languages and semantics, programming systems and tools, specifications, testing and verification, and programming paradigms.

These problems come from the weird nature of quantum systems. For example, in order not to replicate quantum data, we need to distinguish between the semantics of calling by value and by name in the programming language much more carefully. It also means that the typing system of a quantum programming language is essentially different from that of classical computing.

Noncommutability of observables (not simultaneous verifiability uncertainty principle) is another typical feature of quantum systems. Noncommutability is a major obstacle in developing predicate transformation semantics in quantum programming languages.

Quantum banking  information science is usually divided into two subregions: quantum computation and quantum communication. Quantum banking computing offers considerable speed possibilities than classical computing by searching for superposition forces of quantum states, and communication protocols have been proposed by adopting quantum mechanical principles (in particular, no cloning properties and entanglement) that can be proved to be safe. The study of quantum process algebra and distributed quantum banking  computation makes it possible to bond two sub-domains of quantum information science.

The purpose of quantum theory is to find the basic rules governing physical systems that already exist in nature. Instead, quantum engineering plans to design and implement new systems (machines, devices, etc.). Based on quantum theory, some desirable tasks do not exist before to achieve). Today's engineering experience is not guaranteed to fully understand the behavior of systems designed by human designers, and shows that design bugs can cause serious problems and disasters. That is why the accuracy, safety and reliability of complex banking  engineering systems have received widespread attention and are systematically studied in various engineering fields.

Human intuition is much better adapted to the classical world than to the quantum world. This also means that human engineers commit more defects when designing and implementing complex quantum banking engineering systems. Therefore, the problems of accuracy, safety and reliability will be even more serious in quantum banking engineering than in engineering today.


By Miloslav Hoschek, PhD.,





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