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Can human interactions with 5G products support us in identification of suspicious behaviour?

  • What is the purpose of 5G?

  • 5G cloud infrastructure large machine type communication, 40 devices/households
    Transfer rates that may exceed 1Gbb

  • We hope that security will once again become a central aspect of these decisions.

  • Incorporating security into a 5G network where all the data and a lot of lives flow is definitely worth paying a little extra

  • Full length 8Gb film can be downloaded in 6 seconds

  • The fastest current 4G mobile network is about 45 Mbps, 5G is about 10-20 times faster.

  • Mobile payments based on digital crypto currency

  • Range 34-38,6 GHz-ideal for the digital economy-5G industrial development
    5G and analysis big data

  • 5G also promised to revive RFID technology

  • RFID technology has never matured

  • Biometric authentication

  • Voice recognition

  • Fingerprint or finger/hand gebased ometry

  • Iris scan or retinal scan/signature

  • Ultra-reliable and low-latency communication

  • Testing 5G networks in Europe

  • 5G in Russia-5G test by rostercom, Viplecom-Megafon,Rostec,

  • Ericsson invested 1 billion rubles into the opening of 5G centers of innovation in Moscow

  • Ericsson had signed thousands of 50 installations signed by"Tele2"in Russia prepared for the implementation of 5g technology base stations

  • 5G network Russia test-Cisco, Huawei, Nokia's admission to build 5G in Russia
    gigabit is a new protocol for a few seconds

  • a new policy-machine learning 3D video UHD screen,work and play capable of transferring speed of more than 5G cloud infrastructure banks and telecom operators to invest 5G.

  • The regulation and spectrum, Russia is lagging behind South Korea, the United States and China

  • Range 34-38,6 GHz-ideal for the digital economy-5G industrial development

  • High network scalability

  • Cloud platform for enhanced security and usage

  • 5G working with commercial servers virtual router and switch implementation

  • Speed/low-latency-less than 10ms / scale/complexity/security / machine learning applications/low-latency decissions/IoT

  • It is a simple and easy-to-use pre-repository of subscriber data.

  • China had deployed in 2018 the 350 000 5G operational base stations deployed in the United States, almost 10 times.

  • It's a very interesting GBP139gbp bill.

  • In its three major telecom companies China Mobile, China union, the capital investment for its 5G deployment through China Telecom

  • China / Nokia/Tencent agreement-104 bills. User/WeChat/QQ platform of it
    5G connectivity-increased speed, capacity, and reliability

  • 5G Samsung test in Japan high-speed train

  • KDDI and Samsung have achieved speed 1,7 Gbps,while 5G train trails

  • Singtel-Singapore-AI-Articificial intelligence/robotics/advanced analytics

  • South Korea regulatory and spectrum questions behind the United States na China on the feet of Russia

    Miloslav Hoschek,PhD.,  Bratislava, September 2019 


Miloslav Hoschek,PhD., consultant Bratislava,September 2019

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