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Global Trends 2030 A sad world vision publication of NIC

Global trends 2030: Alternative Worlds

Economic growth might decline in “aging”  countries. sixty percent of the world’s population will live in urbanized areas; migration  will increase.
food, Water, energy nexus demand for these resources will grow substantially owing to an increase in the global population. tackling problems pertaining to one commodity will be linked to supply and  demand for the others.

Will global volatility and imbalances among players with different economic interests  result in collapse? or will greater multipolarity lead to increased resiliency in the global economic order? Will technological breakthroughs be developed in time to boost economic productivity  and solve the problems caused by a growing world population, rapid urbanization, and climate change? greater educational attainment, widespread use of new communications and  manufacturing technologies, and health-care advances.

...individual empowerment will accelerate owing to poverty reduction, growth of the global  middle class, Diffusion of power there will not be any hegemonic power. Power will shift to networks and coalitions in a  multipolar world.
demographic  patterns the demographic arc of instability will narrow.

The role of the  United states Will the  be able to work with new partners to reinvent the international system? Potential worlds stalled engines in the most plausible worst-case scenario, the risks of interstate conflict increase. the Us draws  inward and globalization stalls.

Fusion in the most plausible best-case outcome, China and the US collaborate on a range of issues,  leading to broader global cooperation.Gin out of the bottle inequalities explode as some countries become big winners and others fail. inequalities within  countries increase social tensions.

The US is no longer the  “global policeman.” Nonstate World driven by new technologies, nonstate actors take the lead in confronting global challenges. 

picture Sandro Botticelli, 1445-1510

Sandro Botticelli

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