Boris Bialek

Boris Bialek

Field CTO, Industry Solutions at MongoDB
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Bio Boris Bialek joined MongoDB in July 2019 as Head of Innovation for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Since July 2021 Boris built the Industry Solutions teams and is now Field CTO for Industry Solutions, leading the vertical use cases for MongoDB. Boris is the trusted adviser to the executive community of enterprise accounts, assists in structuring and planning of solution landscapes, driving innovation and future roadmaps. MongoDB is using his discussions with clients as input for MongoDB product management and development influencing future development.


Open Banking

Navigating the Open Banking Landscape: Technologies and Strategies for Transformation

20 h

Open banking, also known as open finance, is transforming the banking industry with financial institutions embracing greater transparency and collaboration, while also driving product innovation. In fact, the number of individuals utilising open banking services is expected to reach 132.2 million this year – a trend which is already stimulating c...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Transforming Financial Institutions for Quicker Settlement Cycles

11 Jan 2024

On the 28th of May, 2024, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States will implement a pivotal change in the securities trading sector: moving to a T+1 settlement cycle. This shift – reducing the settlement period from two business days after the trade date to just one – is a strategic move to mitigate market volatility a...

Sustainable compliance

Managing ESG Data and How It Can Work For Your Organisation

27 Mar 2023

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data collection and reporting has increasingly become a corporate priority over the last few years. Over 96% of S&P 500 companies published sustainability reports in 2021, according to research from the Governance and Accountability Institute. This need to examine and publish ESG data has been driven...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Predictions 2023: Modernisation Efforts in the Financial Services Industry

16 Jan 2023

As a global recession looms, banks are facing tough economic conditions in 2023. Lowering costs will be vital for many organisations to remain competitive in a data-intensive and highly regulated environment. Thus, it’s important that any IT investments accelerate digital transformation with innovative technologies that break down data silos, incr...