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Finextra Community section gets a facelift

The Finextra web development team is expecting to announce a range of changes to the look/feel of the site over the next few months.

The first of which is live now and affects the public profile that users of our site see when looking at a finextra community members details.

We have upgraded the profile page and we have added a Network Activity section which we're pretty excited about! This section of the profile page allows users to see the last 10 activity actions for the network of the profile that they are viewing. Using me as an example, if you are to view my public profile ( you will see the last 10 actions of myself and the 6 people that I am following.

After the Network Activity section, we have another change: we're displaying a subset of the people that I'm following along with their profile photo.

When community members sign up they are asked to give a blogger-name - we can now track our community members using that blogger-name in links such as: so when you want your colleagues to chaeck out your latest blog on the finextra website, you can send them a tidy looking link!

We hope that these changes will add to your enjoyment of the Finextra website. There will be further changes soon.



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