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Cryptocurrency Insights

Crypto is coming back smarter and more efficient

19 Feb 2024

After Bitcoin peaked in November 2021, companies in the Crypto and fintech space rushed to buy ads in Super Bowl 2022, including Coinbase, FTX, eToro, and Unfortunately, the crypto market declined in 2022 before climbing again throughout 2023. So what’s different now? And should consumers consider investing in crypto markets this time a...

Marketing in Financial Services

Gaining Users without a Stadium or a Super Bowl Ad

29 May 2022

2021 was a tipping point for crypto. Interest in and coverage about crypto shifted from fringe blogs and social networks to the mainstream media. And this shift is supported by actual user interest. A survey of 500 US consumers found that 31.2% said that they’d definitely use or invest in cryptocurrencies. An additional 48.8% said that they might ...