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10 Best B2B E-commerce Marketplaces/Platforms In The World For 2024

If you are exploring the best e-commerce platforms and marketplaces then give this blog a read. The blog will cover all the top places listed after much research so that you do not have to spend time on it.

There must be a reason why so many e-commerce platforms are operating worldwide. This is one of the best ways to go global with the business and expand it at a larger scale. Millions of businesses can make unlimited sales by simply becoming a part of e-commerce platforms.

If you look at the stats, sales in 2022 were calculated at a whooping amount of 5.7 trillion dollars worldwide and will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

Hence, it can be seen that e-commerce platforms are great for all types of businesses. Whether it’s jewelry, clothing, women's fashion or men's fashion, or grocery items, machinery, electronics, or home supplies. Buyers and sellers can list whatever products they have to list and get a global exposure.

So why not join these platforms and make millions of dollars annually?

5 Best B2B E-commerce Marketplaces

If you are looking to enter the B2B world then these marketplaces are best to consider. These B2B marketplaces are licensed and have millions of active buyers and sellers.

1.    eWorldTrade

Starting with the leading B2B marketplace that has millions of businesses operating from across the world. They are known best for their H2H and digital services that have allowed suppliers to gain potential buyers from all over the world.  

Moreover, this B2B marketplace is serving as a gateway to the e-commerce world where digital becomes seamless and hassle-free. Merchants and traders are associated with key account managers who find buyers for sellers and suppliers.

Their digital services are equally amazing as suppliers get their stores and business websites. Besides, suppliers and buyers get a verified badge that assures and guarantees that they are verified and can be trusted.

2.    Alibaba

Secondly, there is Alibaba, a Chinese multi-national e-commerce marketplace that has millions of active buyers from across the globe. This platform has helped many small businesses grow trade globally with assurance.

All the transactions are encrypted with a 100% money-back guarantee in case of any mishap. They are offering millions of products listed by more than 200K suppliers. A one-in-all trade solution for all businesses looking for a seamless buying and selling experience.

Moreover, this B2B e-commerce platform will save you the hassle of trade and for buyers, there is a plethora of benefits awaiting.

3.    Amazon

Amazon was first known as a digital bookstore which later changed into an e-commerce platform. It is no doubt one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces with millions of products to sell and shop for. Businesses can create a store and sell on Amazon with confidence. Trading was not this easy, as selling and buying online is full of risks.

Hence, Amazon has allowed smart and advanced features to let business owners own their stores and sell with confidence. This e-commerce marketplace is operating in the USA, UK, India, and other leading countries as well.

Apart from buying and selling goods, Amazon also offers services such as cloud computing, home and business services, Amazon web services, delivery and logistics, and Amazon Prime.

4.    eBay

eBay is an American B2B e-commerce marketplace serving as a valuable marketplace where businesses can buy and sell with ease. Businesses have joined this B2B marketplace in millions of numbers and have been trading with each other for more than a decade.

Their services are unmatched and available in more than 190 countries so it is a great chance to buy and sell with millions of suppliers and buyers.

Furthermore, you can easily set up a store and list your items using smart and advanced tools. Even the listing process is easy, traders do not have to worry about anything as everything is covered and managed by tools offered by eBay.  

5.    AliExpress    

AliExpress is another Chinese platform that is great for trading globally. It is a multinational e-commerce company that is a product of Alibaba. This e-commerce marketplace is great for both; shopping and buying in bulk quantities.

Millions of active buyers and sellers are trading every day offering top-quality products. You can explore hundreds of categories with amazing items. Whether you want to buy in bulk or single items AliExpress allows both.

Moreover, this B2B marketplace is great for sellers and suppliers looking to sell globally. You can find sellers from more than 200 countries. The shipping and delivery process is hassle-free with a money-back and refund policy for the customers.

5 Best E-Commerce Platforms

These e-commerce platforms are trusted globally as they are reliable and serve as the best tools for businesses. So, if you are looking to create and build a store or a business website then consider these for smart trading.

6.    Shopify

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform helping businesses to expand their network all over the world. Start selling by creating a store and become the owner of it within a few clicks. Grow your business by simply building a shop on Shopify and customizing the way you want to.

7.    Magento

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that has been used to create online stores. More than 14000 stores have been created so far running successfully. It is one of the oldest and most powerful e-commerce platforms which is recognized all over the world.

The platform allows businesses to create stores with out-of-the-box smart features. Magento has helped many B2C and B2B businesses to grow digitally.

8.    BigCommerce

It is a SaaS e-commerce platform used by millions of businesses across the globe. It can build, maintain, create, and uniquely host online stores. Approximately more than 50,000 stores have been created so far and work perfectly fine.

Optimize your business and stand out in the crowd by creating unique themes for your stores and websites. They offer amazing features and services to create engaging stories and attract audiences from all over the world.

9.    WooCommerce

Next is WooCommerce which serves as an effective and flexible e-commerce platform. It has allowed businesses to create their online shop without any hassle. Such platforms work as a handy tool and make digital business a seamless experience.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is great for building a website with smart and effective features. Small and large businesses can make the most of its responsive features as it is cost-effective and budget-friendly.

10. Wix

Lastly, there is Wix, another e-commerce platform that helps business build their website to enter the digital world of commerce. Create your online store within a few minutes and be ready to rock the sales. This e-commerce platform is best for small businesses that are low on budget.

So, you can try this platform as well for a budget-friendly option.


So, this was all about the e-commerce platforms and B2B marketplaces that are operating worldwide. You can rely on these 5 e-commerce platforms to create stores and websites as they are budget-friendly and reliable. You may also consider the 5 B2B marketplaces and join as a seller or a buyer and grow trade at an international level.


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