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Bio Currently working as Digital Marketing Expert at leading mobile app development company which provide mobile solutions for small to big brand companies.


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How to Design and Develop a Mobile App for a Fintech Startup?

18 May 2022

The increasing dependence on the financial industry has paved the way for fintech apps. For years now, mobile apps have become inseparable parts of banking and financial services all over the world. The emergence and growth of hi-tech solutions across all financial niches have made fintech a driver of growth for the entire industry. According to ...

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Developing Mobile App for A Fintech Startup

06 May 2022

For years financial institutions and companies are utilizing several states of the art technologies for meeting the needs of their clients. These technologies shaping financial solutions are now referred to as fintech. From traditional mobile banking apps to sophisticated financial or investment planners, there are several different types of finte...


Fintech Development Tech Stack in 2022

22 Apr 2022

FinTech is the widely used term denoting all the technologies, tools and software apps facilitating financial transactions and management. From simple mobile banking apps to investment and stock apps to insurance apps to payment gateways and mobile wallets to cryptocurrencies, all come under the broad umbrella term of fintech. The global FinTech ...

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Why Is Android So Popular For Fintech App Development Globally?

05 Apr 2022

Fintech referring to financial technology, is about delivering financial services through digital platforms, including websites and mobile apps. These days, fintech mobile apps ranging from mobile banking apps to personal financial planners to mobile wallets to mobile investment and trading apps to several others have become tremendously popular. ...