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Bio Currently working as Digital Marketing Expert at leading mobile app development company which provide mobile solutions for small to big brand companies.


Business Knowledge for IT

Augmented Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence

29 Mar 2018

The ever-increasing amount of data makes data analytics and an important constituent of business development. To beat the competition in business, you need to stay abreast with the changes in business analytics. The term “smart data discovery” was introduced formally in 2017 and is reigning as a powerful differentiator across industries. To get cl...

Fintech innovation and startups

Revolutionize Your Finance Industry Business With FinTech Mobile Apps

05 Feb 2018

The environment in the financial service industry is complicated, and this makes business in this industry not so customer-friendly. However, FinTech has been introduced for more than five years now and promises a vast scope for improving customer experience. The FinTech space has a large room for improvement in the traditional FinServe (Financial...

Business Knowledge for IT

Give Your Android App a Push of Latest Know how

24 Jul 2017

As a dedicated Android app developer you already know how important it is to stay equipped with the latest technology and the evolved, matured ways of making an app better. Yes, as more apps and consequent use cases continue to come making us realise the fault lines and opportunities even deeper, we need to take a fresh look at the evolving techni...

Business Knowledge for IT

WordPress Website vs WordPress Mobile App: The Differences to Take Care

02 Jun 2017

If you have a WordPress website which is pretty mobile optimized, you might have considered creating a mobile app for the same is not a very urgent necessity. Yes, mobile browsing is the mainstream of web browsing now, and a mobile optimized site is the need of the hour for any web venture. But when you compare native apps for WordPress websites, ...