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User experience enhanced by artificial intelligence

I had a couple of good user experiences over the past couple of days, they may seem like small beer to some people but to me they point to a bright future...

One was I wrote an email in Gmail that mentioned "... I have attached a PDF with the latest summary...". 

I then hit send but forgot to attach the PDF.

The response from Gmail was to prompt me to attach the PDF. This may seem trivial but it saved the recipient from having to write asking for the PDF and then saved me having to write another mail with the PDF attached.

The second good UX experience was I travelled in Spain last week and used a Monzo debit card as it saves on fees and offers a good exchange rate.

Looking at the Monzo app this morning it has a message saying "Your trip to Spain - you spent £475.69 over 5 days". Selecting the message shows a map of northern Spain with the location of each payment with number and value of the transactions. I can drill down to the individual transactions and see the exchange rate and amounts in sterling and euros.

These are small examples of how machine learning and digital user experience can make our lives easier, in this case by helping us avoid silly mistakes such as forgetting to attach a file and reminding us of our actions and helping to keep track of spending.

I know Monzo is not unique in offering a good user experience. Hopefully all financial institutions will move in this direction helping to make managing our financial affairs a pleasure rather than a pain.


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