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Bio Reuven (Rubi) Aronashvili is Founder and CEO of CYE, an industry leader in cybersecurity optimization platforms. Career History Reuven is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur and a national cybersecurity expert. Reuven is ex-Matzov and a founding member of the Israeli army's Red Team and Incident Response Team. His expertise is in designing and developing innovative security solutions for governments and multinational organizations around the globe, as well as conducting high-profile security improvement programs. Reuven serves as a trusted advisor for executives in leading Fortune 500 companies and is certified by the US Department of Homeland Security as a world-class ICS and SCADA cybersecurity expert. Reuven completed his Master's degree in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, as part of an excellence program during his military service.



If done right, new cyber disclosure regulations can build trust in financial markets

31 May 2022

Starting this month, banks that discover certain cyberattacks and other security incidents have just 36 hours to report them to federal regulators. This rapid reporting is a regulation trend that is spilling over to other sectors; Congress recently passed a law requiring critical infrastructure providers to report cyber incidents within 72 hours,...


Banks are using too many cybersecurity solutions–and it’s not working

28 Apr 2022

The average bank relies on dozens of different cybersecurity tools, and continues to spend record amounts of money on solutions as threats increase, especially from state-backed attackers. In fact my company has seen in our work that threats against banks have more than doubled. At the same time, research shows, and it is well-known, that more too...


Among the most mature for cybersecurity, the financial system still has a long way to go

20 Jan 2022

Based on data from eight years of working to assess cyber risk at hundreds of companies across many sectors in dozens of countries, it is clear that the financial sector is one of the best prepared for an attack, reflecting years of improvements and investment. But, although it only lagged behind the industrial, cyber and manufacturing sectors, th...

Information Security

Retail Cyber Attacks Are Rising: How to Protect Your Brand and Your Customers this Holiday Season

27 Oct 2021

Just a few weeks before Halloween, Chicago-based candy-maker Ferrara, famous for Nerds, LaffyTaffy and other treats, experienced a ransomware attack that shut down several of its facilities, making it unable to fill orders during one of its busiest times of the year. This should serve as a warning sign for all retailers as we head into the holiday...