Emergency phone lines for Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed, TradeSpark

Emergency phone lines for Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed, TradeSpark

Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed and TradeSpark has made several resources available to specifically assist employees and their families, regarding the World Trade Center tragedy.

The company employed approximately 1000 people on the 101,103,104 and 105th floors of One World Trade Center, and encourages all touched by this tragedy to utilize the following services.

"Our first priority remains the whereabouts and welfare of our employees and their families," said Chairman Howard Lutnick. "There are currently 320 people on our safe and accounted for list and we are doing everything possible to verify the accuracy of this list. At this point, we have no confirmed information on employees having been rescued from our floors. We expect to publish a verified list on Friday. I would direct all family members and friends to any one of our websites, which have the most updated information available."

The company currently is maintaining and verifying a list of "safe and accounted for individuals," updated hourly. Information can be found by dialing one of the following three call center numbers:

1-866-326-3188 (open 24 hours)

1-212-309-4150 (open daily, 9AM-9PM, New York/EST)

0112078947312 (open daily, 9AM-12AM, UK time)

The call centers are receiving inquiries and confirming the whereabouts of employees by reaching out to hospitals, government agencies, the Red Cross and other important relief agency personnel. These organizations are also asked to contact the call centers with any information they might have regarding the company's employees.

Every call into the center is logged into a database. When the centers receive information regarding a missing Cantor, eSpeed or TradeSpark employee, the call center will search the inquiry database and get word to the families immediately.

The most updated information on employees can be found at one of the Company's three websites:


In the United States, the company is offering a Counseling/Crisis Intervention center for family and friends at the Pierre Hotel, located at 2 East 61St Street in New York City. The Center at the Pierre will be open from 9AM-9PM EST, both on Thursday and Friday of this week. Religious and grief counselors are on site. Chairman Howard Lutnick will visit the Pierre Center throughout both days.

In the United Kingdom, the company is offering a telephone counseling service for family and friends, which can be reached at 0800269616.

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