Bridge maintains services: most New York employees accounted for

Bridge maintains services: most New York employees accounted for

Bridge and Telerate are continuing to provide service to clients following the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers and the evacuation of Bridge offices in the World Financial Center and other locations.

Bridge's central systems and ticker facilities in St Louis are operating normally, though we expect some disruption of data service from providers with operations in and around the World Trade Center. EJV services and other bond pricing data updated by Bridge and Telerate staff based in New York will be available as a basic service, at a minimum starting, Thursday 13th increasing in coverage over time and BridgeNews coverage has been reduced.

There likely will be some network communication issues that arise from the physical damage in the Lower Manhattan area. However, our primary communications equipment is located in buildings not directly impacted by the damage. The redundant nature of our network and information service should allow most clients to continue to stay live with their Bridge products, assuming that their local infrastructure is not affected.

Bridge's St Louis operation has prepared multiple methods of facilitating communication for employees, friends and family to assist in obtaining further information. At this point the vast majority of New York-based employees are safe and accounted for and we are working hard to continue to locate all of our employees. Like many of our clients we are currently focused on accounting for all of our employees in New York. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by these attacks, and for the families and friends associated with the victims.

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