Morgan Stanley chairman Purcell counts human cost

Morgan Stanley chairman Purcell counts human cost

Message from Morgan Stanley chairman Philip Purcell: "The shocking events of this week at the World Trade Centre have not posed a financial problem for Morgan Stanley but a deeply human one. What dominates our concerns are those people who may not have escaped the explosion and fires as the twin towers collapsed.

"We can report that we have been in touch with most of the people who worked for us at the World Trade Centre complex. But a number are still unaccounted for, and it is clear that we have lost friends and colleagues. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who died or are still missing, and these people remain the immediate focus of the firm.

"We are working diligently with local authorities, and we will keep you apprised of developments. A call centre has been established at 888-883-4391 for anyone with information about those who were working in the World Trade Centre, or may have been there on a visit."

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