ICAP staffing and business update

ICAP staffing and business update

Message from Michael Spencer: "Miraculously it appears that, as far as we can determine, all but two of our staff are now accounted for. We continue to hope and pray for them. Our sympathy should be for all those who perished in the WTC and their families.

"We now have to begin to address the task of rebuilding our New York operations as soon as possible and I hope that you will all play your full part. In the meantime all employees and consultants of ICAP will continue to be paid in the normal way.

"A task force is currently operating from Prebon Yamane’s premises in Jersey. Many broking houses and banks have offered assistance and we will be making decisions about the most suitable locations soon. We owe them our thanks. We hope to have some basic broking services restored next week, however, it will no doubt take several months for us to return to full operational capability.

"We will recover business wise from this traumatic experience, I have no doubt, even though the personal scars will never be eradicated. I cannot forget how lucky we have been compared to all those who perished terribly and the sufferings of their families. My sincere personal condolences to all of you who have lost friends or relations in this outrage.

"We will continue to keep in contact by e-mail and using a page on our web site – icap.com. If you have any queries please send them to recovery@icap.com.

"If you have email access - please send your contact details to recovery@icap.com

"Our temporary contact number in New York is 201 557 5000."

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