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Ben Parker

Navigating the perfect storm: global shocks, technological evolution, and the new regulatory maze

The global financial landscape is currently battling a variety of simultaneous shocks that have made it vulnerable to market abuse. In March of last year, Fabio Panetta, of the European Central Bank’s...

12 Feb 2024
Eldad Tamir

Unlocking the world of stock rankings and analysis

Understanding the nuances of stock scoring versus stock ranking is essential for investors aiming to navigate the complexities of the financial markets effectively. While both methods offer insights i...

11 Feb 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Sophie Proctor

Understanding consumer protection and commercial VRPs

The emergence of Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) marks a significant milestone in the realm of open banking payments. These innovations are not only elevating security standards but also enhancing ...

09 Feb 2024
Open Banking
Marito Domingo

Demystifying Banking for Consumers: A Breakdown of Credit Unions Versus Banks and Why It Matters

With market volatility and economic uncertainty, selecting the right banking partner has never been more important for consumers. On the surface, banks and credit unions are both financial institution...

09 Feb 2024
Banking and Lending Solutions
Konstantin Rabin

Roboadvisory and automated trading in the realm of crypto

Robots have taken crypto markets by storm, with thousands and thousands of algorithms trying to break the market and make money. This abundance of robo-advisors also makes it tricky to find reliable o...

09 Feb 2024
Austin Talley

Payments Trends to Watch in 2024

Driven by convenience, speed, and cost, consumers have more payments choices than ever before, and companies are becoming more diversified in the options they offer and accept. While there are countle...

08 Feb 2024
Rasmus Oisma

Pioneering a new era in e-commerce and payment processing

The payments evolution can be traced back to the early 90’s with the online sale of a Sting CD, the first-ever known e-commerce transaction. It was a transaction that oversaw the birth of a new era i...

08 Feb 2024
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Guy Melamed

Fusing Market Infrastructure Technology: Exploring The ‘Buy, Build And Integrate’ Approach

Change is afoot when it comes to market infrastructure technology. The old arguments over “buy vs build” have been relegated. Instead, firms are touting a “buy, build and integrate” approach, combinin...

08 Feb 2024
Capital Markets Technology
Ketharaman Swaminathan

My Two Cents On PayTM Kerfuffle

PayTM is the first digital payment product I've used at scale in India. When RBI enforced the two factor authentication mandate for online payments, bill payments became a major PITA. By requiring use...

08 Feb 2024
Maria Jesús Jiménez Hernández

2024: the year of financial inclusion

Financial inclusion – providing equitable access to financial services for disadvantaged groups – has been a persistent talking point across the banking industry in recent years. However, progress has...

08 Feb 2024
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Abhinav Paliwal

Transforming Cross-Border Payments with Open Banking APIs

The era of tiresome, hidden cross-border payments is ending, giving way to a smooth, digitized future powered by open banking APIs. This blog explores how these new connections alter the financial e...

07 Feb 2024
Finextra site news
Gary Singh

5 Ways Modern Card Technology Drives Business Value for Banks

The landscape of card technology is shifting rapidly, fueled by advancements in digital payments, evolving consumer expectations, and a growing competitive landscape. Banks face a critical decision: m...

07 Feb 2024
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

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