The future of Payments in Europe

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With an increase in regulations and growing involvement from multiple players, the world of payments is undergoing a disruption across the region

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Sergei Romanov

5 Trends to Drive the Cross-border Remittance Industry in 2023

International money transfers are rapidly developing, and every year brings new challenges to the industry. What are the 2023 cross-border remittance trends? Embedded finance Obviously, analytics and...

10 Feb 2023
Kim Engman

Vikings don't use cash

The Nordic countries and past vikings, are virtually cashless societies in 2023. There's no need to bring cash to come visit. The Nordics (i.e., Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and...

30 Dec 2022
Merten Slominsky

The race is on for instant payments, could the Nordics lead the way?

Innovation in payments has long dominated the fintech industry. However, when it comes to clearing houses and large payment infrastructures, progress has been slow. Facilitating instant payments at sc...

06 Dec 2022
John Bertrand

Mandated action on multiple parties is needed for APP fraud prevention

Over the last three months, The House of Lords, European Commission and the Payment System Regulator (PSR) published detailed reports and proposals on how to prevent instant payment fraud. It is not e...

30 Nov 2022
Güven Aytaş

The Digitalisation of International Payments

There is a very good expression: “Money never sleeps”. Definitely, money is on a constant move, so are our lives. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned us into digital beings with an intense need...

13 Jul 2022
Pierre Dutaret

The future of work

Digital is completely transforming the way people work across the globe and allowing people to become more interconnected. Machine automation takes away the stresses attached to manual labour and boos...

16 Jun 2022
Chris Principe


CRYPTO to CBDC - Payments have gone through significant innovation in recent history. Each time innovation has improved the convenience, speed, and security of money. Let’s review these money mileston...

31 May 2022
Jess Gerrow

Open banking has a branding problem

Open banking has a branding problem, and I’m not talking about logos or websites. I’m talking about branding as a promise, or (as Michael Beirut, partner of design firm Pentagram, puts it) branding as...

15 Mar 2022
Gleb Kozlov

How COVID-19 triggered a cascade of changes and shaped the new reality of remittances

Do you remember the COVID-19 pandemic? It has been a real challenge for the remittance industry but also a source of opportunities. After a period of turmoil, 2022 is expected to be the year of recove...

10 Mar 2022
Alex Reddish

Is 2022 the year we see a slowdown in Fintech investment?

As we as a business reflected on the different trends we felt were worth talking about for 2022, the fintech investment scene and current tech stocks felt like something worth expanding on more widely...

21 Feb 2022

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