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With an increase in regulations and growing involvement from multiple players, the world of payments is undergoing a disruption across the region

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Chris Principe


CRYPTO to CBDC - Payments have gone through significant innovation in recent history. Each time innovation has improved the convenience, speed, and security of money. Let’s review these money mileston...

31 May 2022
Jess Gerrow

Open banking has a branding problem

Open banking has a branding problem, and I’m not talking about logos or websites. I’m talking about branding as a promise, or (as Michael Beirut, partner of design firm Pentagram, puts it) branding as...

15 Mar 2022
Gleb Kozlov

How COVID-19 triggered a cascade of changes and shaped the new reality of remittances

Do you remember the COVID-19 pandemic? It has been a real challenge for the remittance industry but also a source of opportunities. After a period of turmoil, 2022 is expected to be the year of recove...

10 Mar 2022
Alex Reddish

Is 2022 the year we see a slowdown in Fintech investment?

As we as a business reflected on the different trends we felt were worth talking about for 2022, the fintech investment scene and current tech stocks felt like something worth expanding on more widely...

21 Feb 2022
Toine Van Beusekom

2022: The Year That Banks Finally Change for Good?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Looking back at 2021 – which promised to be the year that the industry realised the full potential of data-driven transactions, instant payments an...

01 Feb 2022
Retired Member

Top eco-friendly cryptocurrencies: how sustainable are they and what are their benefits?

So, how sustainable are eco-friendly cryptocurrencies, and what are their benefits in the real world? Green cryptocurrency boom Eco-friendly, or ‘green’ cryptocurrencies exploded into the headlines a...

27 Jan 2022
Lisa Gutu

Variable Recurring Payments - the whats and the whens around the hottest topic in payments

Open banking payments are already shifting the way consumers and businesses pay and get paid. And the numbers are starting to finally back up the open banking hype with over 3 million successful payme...

18 Jan 2022
Michael Lane

PSPs must prepare to charge full steam ahead with Open Banking payments

As we roll into a New Year, open banking payments are on the agenda of all players across the payments value chain, from banks to payment service providers (PSPs), gateways and acquirers. In November...

05 Jan 2022
Arnaud Crouzet

EPI: how to build trust and adoption among consumers and merchants?

What is EPI? The European Payments Initiative (EPI) is aiming to provide a pan-European payments solution. EPI aims to set itself apart from other payment methods and address the challenges created by...

01 Dec 2021
Jamel Derdour

Payments in 2021 and Beyond

Looking back over the last 18 months in the payments industry, it’s hard to recall a more turbulent time certainly in the last decade or so. As we head towards the end of 2021, in the wake of Brexit, ...

23 Nov 2021

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