The future of Payments in Europe

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With an increase in regulations and growing involvement from multiple players, the world of payments is undergoing a disruption across the region

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Amanda Mickleburgh

Nearing the Deadline: How are stakeholders preparing for the launch of SCA?

One of the most prominent issues keeping stakeholders in the payments industry busy at the moment is Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA, the new European security standard that intends to protect ...

26 Nov 2020
Arnaud Crouzet

A new vision of payments: What is the European Payments Initiative?

The newly-established European Payments Initiative promises a new vision of payments. Innovative use cases will be made available to consumers across Europe for the first time. There’s strong backing ...

11 Nov 2020
Sunil Jhamb

Why PSPs must do more to boost social-media payments

Purchasing items on social media is a growing international trend with huge potential. During the COVID-19 crisis, 42% of people in an international Global Web Index survey reported spending a greater...

16 Jul 2020
Laura Francis

The future of payments is in the cloud

Why now is the time to move away from legacy payments infrastructure Technology is moving at a remarkable pace – by the time something has been built and launched it already feels outdated. So it may ...

13 Jul 2020
Joris Lochy

A gift voucher - It’s all about the story telling

In a time of real-time, instant payments, it is strange to see that companies providing pre-paid gift vouchers are still massively being created and continue to grow. At first sight buying such a gift...

16 Jun 2020
Ron Delnevo

Cash: The Comeback-Kid?

There is much speculation about the extent of the comeback cash will make after the latest pandemic is behind us. To be fair, cash has had a bit of a tough ride. Lockdowns impacting more than half th...

04 Jun 2020
Laura Francis

SME Challenges in Cross Border payments

The economic scale of the SME market is substantial, contributing £2.0 trillion (52%) a year to the UK economy alone and growing. But for SMEs wanting to trade internationally, they’re met with highly...

20 Apr 2020
Laura Francis

Trading without borders: The cross border payments evolution

Plenty is unfolding in the global payments arena. There is a stream of new products or partnerships being publicised by financial institutions to improve the user experience across both domestic and i...

02 Mar 2020
Myles Dawson

What are the payments trends for 2020?

There are some big changes in store in 2020, some obvious, some less so. In the payments landscape, it’s all about user convenience and customer experience, whether that’s through increased security f...

10 Jan 2020
Steve Morgan

EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive: what the crypto-asset sector needs to know

The EU's Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (“5AMLD”) will subject certain participants in the crypto-asset sector to regulation for anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CT...

07 Jan 2020