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Kunal Patel

Open Banking - Consumer Impact

I have read quite a lot on Open Banking over the last couple of years, what it means to the industry, the players and more importantly the consumer. The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is re...

05 Dec 2017
Open Banking
Paul Geiger

Artificial Intelligence - Making Average Great

There has been a lot of hand wringing over the CME Group’s amendments to Rule 553 (“Average Price System”), and for good reason. It’s no easy task for clearing firms, or their clients, to systematica...

04 Dec 2017
Operational Risk Management
Ketharaman Swaminathan

A Killer Feature For PFM On The Eve Of PSD2

Personal Finance Managers and Mobile Money Management Apps (herewith “PFM”) have been around for over a decade. So far, PFM has focused on budgeting by offering tips to save money on everyday expenses...

04 Dec 2017
Bo Harald

Impact evaluation - much to do

I am a member of the Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact. We are an independent body - but in the Prime Minister’s office. Similar organisations have been established also for example in Germany, the...

04 Dec 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Freddie McMahon


The Chatbot market has reached an unbelievable state. It is both over-hyped and under-hyped at the same time. There is no doubt that conversation-as-a-service will become the primary means for human...

02 Dec 2017
Digital Banking Trends
Retired Member

Stakeholder Anxiety

As our company grows, so does our number of strategic stakeholders. Managing this growing group of executives is a difficult and delicate task because conflicting interests and a lot of big egos are h...

01 Dec 2017
Ivy Schmerken

Is Market Structure Tied Up in Knots?

With a new head of trading and markets at the SEC, there is optimism that some of the complex market structure issues – such as make-taker incentives and sky-high market data costs — will be looked at...

01 Dec 2017
Carl Rogers

How To Tackle The Biggest Challenge for FinTech Companies - Customer Acquisition

In the last few years I have been mentoring multiple early stage fintech companies through accelerator programs as well as directly. Although I should not be I am continually surprised to learn that f...

30 Nov 2017
Richard Carter

2018 Looms Large. What Does The Future Hold for Lenders?

A New Game Awaits Digital fluency and a thirst for convenience are making the UK’s borrowers more capricious and cost-sensitive than ever. Interest rate rises, and new regulations will add fuel to

30 Nov 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Arturo González Mac Dowell

Screen Scraping is Dead, Long Live Screen Scraping

Yesterday November 27, the European Commission published the final version of the long awaited PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards on Secure Communications and Secure Customer Authentication. The SCA...

30 Nov 2017
Open Banking
Retired Member

Independent Asset Managers need to become polygamous

Independent asset managers shall maintain relationships not only to custodians. Due to disintermediation and distributed ledger technology they will be able to profit from a much broader range of fina...

29 Nov 2017
Fintech innovation and startups
Retired Member

Building Connections: The Future of Customer Service

Following my previous blog – looking at the ubiquity of the multichannel approach to customer service – we now turn our focus to the industry’s next steps: omnichannel and multimodality. If multichann...

29 Nov 2017