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Monica Hovsepian

Monica Hovsepian

Global Industry Strategist, Financial Services at Opentext
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Nurturing relationships while working remotely

25 Mar 2020

How banks can build resilience and meet customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic In the midst of media reports of job cuts and business closures, the Bank of America has just announced the hiring of 1700 new employees into critical support roles. As more and more people are instructed to stay at home, it’s impossible to overestimate the import...


Why trusted advice is vital in uncertain times

16 Mar 2020

FSIs need to step up and become ‘personal Yoda’ to build loyalty and trust during COVID-19 outbreak There’s a danger that writing a blog focused on the current Coronavirus outbreak could be seen as a cynical marketing ploy. But I’m going to do it anyway as what we’re experiencing right now is unprecedented, and will have implications long after thi...


Information Advantage for Financial Services in 2020: Look no further than platformification

06 Jan 2020

It’s that time again when we look ahead to the year to come. For 2020, we’re going to see financial services companies accentuate and accelerate the priorities of recent years. And we are going to witness the rise of Platformification as the way to achieve these long-standing goals. Financial Services and Insurance organizations will continue to s...


Pulling an Uber: Customer experience in Financial Services

12 Mar 2019

BAI white paper puts omni-channel experience top of the CIO agenda Brands like Velcro and Kleenex have become so much a part of people’s lives that they are now used as universal references for all products in that category – or sometimes used as verbs, as is the case with Google. One of the latest brands to gain “household verb” status is the ride...