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Paula Hunter

Advancing Financial Inclusion Through Gender Equality

In the evolving landscape of financial inclusion, where discussions often revolve around technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, and operational challenges, one crucial aspect often gets ov...

10 Jun 2024
Financial Inclusion
Viktoriia Degtyareva

Empowering merchants: 8 payment solutions for achieving higher acceptance rates

The saying "time equals money" holds particular significance in the context of transaction acceptance rates. These rates, indicating the percentage of successful transactions compared to dec...

10 Jun 2024
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Lennard Sigling

Celeris Teams Up with Visa to Launch Network Tokenization Services for Merchants

June 4, 2024—Amsterdam, Netherlands—Celeris, an award-winning and trusted payment orchestration provider in the payments industry, announced a collaboration with Visa, a world leader in digital paym

10 Jun 2024
Aare Reintam

The Need for Enhancing Cyber Preparedness in Financial Institutions

Cybersecurity threats have been a grim reality for the financial sector for a long time now. According to a recent report from the IMF, the industry has been hit by over 20,000 attacks, resulting in ...

10 Jun 2024
Information Security
Alex Kreger

Banking on Failure: How Outdated Back Office Banking is Bleeding Profits and Trust

In an increasingly competitive banking industry, the focus is often on improving front office solutions: desktop and mobile banking applications. However, a critical, yet frequently overlooked aspect ...

10 Jun 2024
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Raktim Singh

Customer and societal ecosystems: Important Driver for your business growth

In this digital world, where new advancements constantly unfold, we find ourselves more interconnected than ever. Technology has not only connected us but also empowered us to access information and s...

08 Jun 2024
Technology for Social Good
Mayuri Jain

Are you Ready? FedWire Modernization, Unlocking New Opportunities for Financial Enterprises

FedWire, operated by the Federal Reserve Banks, is essential for large-value and time-sensitive payments, ensuring secure and efficient fund transfers between financial institutions. As the financial ...

07 Jun 2024
The Payments Business
William Perry

Five Steps to CX Success in Finance

In the intricate world of finance, there are a myriad of challenges influencing how financial organisations operate and serve customer needs. The emergence of challenger brands, new regulations like C...

07 Jun 2024
Steve Sabin

The time is now to digitize syndicated commercial lending

In case you hadn’t noticed, technology has made huge advances over the last 10 to 15 years. In all that time, however, the commercial loan syndication market has resisted the pressure to digitally tra...

07 Jun 2024
Banking and Lending Solutions
Steve Bradford

Financial Services, the golden target for cybercriminals

Financial services is one of the most regulated and well-resourced sectors when it comes to cybersecurity. Yet it’s also one of the biggest targets for increasingly sophisticated cybercrime, with hack...

07 Jun 2024
Digital Bank Transformation
Nicole Pienkos

Exploring Responsible AI Adoption

“AI banking, or Artificial Intelligence in banking, refers to the application of various AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation within th...

06 Jun 2024
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Harriet Christie

2024 so far - Recordkeeping Revamps and Regulatory Rigor

The typical narrative is that as time passes, digital regulation becomes more stringent. Accountability becomes a greater requirement as technology continues to advance and occupy a more meaningful pr...

06 Jun 2024

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