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A community to discuss the future of BNPL and any other interesting trends, strategies, ideas, views.

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Michael Saadat

The UK has an opportunity to lead the world on BNPL regulation. Does it risk falling behind?

At this year’s edition of London Tech Week held last month, advocates of the city’s tech scene once again convened to showcase its benefits as a global hub for innovative business. But, while much o...

06 Jul 2023
Lucy Heavens

Payment convenience conquers all

There is no denying that wallets are tightening this year. To thrive in this competitive environment, merchants need to offer their business-to-business (B2B) buyers every possible convenience. This i...

30 May 2023
Paul Marcantonio

Will BNPL use increase this Christmas as the cost of living continues to rise?

With Christmas just around the corner and many consumers feeling the pinch of a rapidly worsening cost of living crisis, festive spending is already being curtailed. As consumers become more cautious ...

21 Dec 2022
David Ritter

What will the recession mean for BNPL?

Thanks to its popularity among Gen Z's go-to retailers, the buzz around Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) may seem new, but the concept is as old as credit itself. What makes BNPL different is the seamless di...

30 Nov 2022
Pallava Nagulakonda

Open banking solutions can protect Gig workers from BNPL debt trap

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a type of unsecured short-term financing that allows consumers to make big-ticket purchases and pay for them in installments, often interest-free. This form of consumer fi...

29 Nov 2022
Nick Green

How consumers are likely to fund Christmas amongst cost of living crisis (hint: BNPL

According to the Bank of England, consumer credit is at its highest rate since March 2019. With the cost of living crisis and now the run-up to Christmas, we're expecting to see more consumers look to...

22 Nov 2022
Dmitry Dolgorukov

Preparing For The Holiday Season: Buy Now, Pay Later Versus POS Lending

It might appear that the countdown to the holiday season has already begun, with gifts and decorations springing up in stores across the country. However, behind the shelves, inflation continues its h...

02 Nov 2022
Paul Marcantonio

Payment Solutions To Help Businesses Scale in an Era of Economic Turbulence

As 2022 comes to an end, the global economic landscape is looking increasingly bleak. COVID-19, war, sanctions, energy shortages and inflation all contribute to a mood of uncertainty amongst business ...

02 Nov 2022
Sandeep Nambiar

B2B BNPL: Embedding Banks Within The Supply Chain

Fintechs today own the growing B2B Buy Now Pay Later space entirely, and control 10-15% of the overall supply chain finance market. It's time for banks to embed themselves deeper in the supply chain. ...

15 Sep 2022
Amir Nooriala

What are the risks of the BNPL industry boom?

Current economic headwinds and the pandemic placed real burdens on the finances of many, but appetites for convenience and consumer goods haven’t waned. This has led to younger consumers wanting to bu...

23 Aug 2022

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