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Saurabha Sahu

What Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brings for Business ?

The new edge customers are always looking for something more from the technology that they use. Augmented Reality is a promising technology which is intended to provide not only a comfort but also a g...

30 Sep 2020
Business Knowledge for IT
Saurabha Sahu

Redefining Banking With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Banking industry is going through a massive transition and transformation to get the next generation of tech-savvy individuals on their platforms through various means. Emerging technologies such as A...

29 Aug 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Saurabha Sahu

Blockchain A Thriving Solution-Healthcare

Humans are ready to spend a skyrocketing cost for their own health or even towards the near and dears. Today the Healthcare industry is plagued by exponentially rising the cost of hospitals, insuffic

27 Apr 2020
Blockchain Observations
Saurabha Sahu

Blockchain: Unravel the Unrevealed

Introduction Self-awareness is always beneficial in both the scenarios: business and life. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting and preparing for changes. Blockchain is no ...

06 Jan 2017
Financial Inclusion
Saurabha Sahu

An Innovative Financial Platform for Banking: Single Window Finance

This document is intended towards Banks, Financial Regulatory Authority and the Information technology organizations, who are working towards the innovative solution providing for the financial ecosys...

04 Nov 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Saurabha Sahu

Will SWIFT be replaced by Blockchain?

SWIFT has become the backbone of the financial market from 1973. SWIFT has proven the scalability, security, resilience and created the history that is the trust in the network. SWIFT has provided a n...

02 Apr 2016
SWIFT Matters
Saurabha Sahu

Distributed Ledger Maintenance on Cloud: Blockchain and Beyond

In continuation of my previous blog on Blockchain: Need of Future for Financial Industry, let us now try to understand one more path breaking revolution in the field of Accounting and Ledger maintenan...

16 Feb 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Saurabha Sahu

Blockchain: Need of future for Financial Industry

In today’s global economy, the information shared across various entities and industries have to be 100% accurate secure and transparent. This requires a robust, secure data transmission through a def...

12 Feb 2016
Innovation in Financial Services