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Senior Solution Consultant at Wipro Limited
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Bio Saurabha a Management Expertise with nearly 15 Yrs Exp as Domain Consultant in IT BFSI for Core Banking Consulting for Commercial and Central Banks. Career History Expertise in Project Management, Business Solution Consulting for BFSI domain Core Banking Implementations. Linkedin through :


Business Knowledge for IT

What Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brings for Business ?

30 Sep 2020

The new edge customers are always looking for something more from the technology that they use. Augmented Reality is a promising technology which is intended to provide not only a comfort but also a greater user experience. Augmented reality (AR) is not just a dreamy technology tool of future, but also a thrive for other disruptive technology tools...


Innovation in Financial Services

Redefining Banking With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

29 Aug 2020

Banking industry is going through a massive transition and transformation to get the next generation of tech-savvy individuals on their platforms through various means. Emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) /Virtual Reality (VR) have been a boon, and a significant contributor to the future of banking by letting banks to create immers...

Blockchain Observations

Blockchain A Thriving Solution-Healthcare

27 Apr 2020

Humans are ready to spend a skyrocketing cost for their own health or even towards the near and dears. Today the Healthcare industry is plagued by exponentially rising the cost of hospitals, insufficient practices as well as breaching the patient data or records. These expensive problems are impelling towards an innovative, immutable solution. Re

Financial Inclusion

Blockchain: Unravel the Unrevealed

06 Jan 2017

Introduction Self-awareness is always beneficial in both the scenarios: business and life. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting and preparing for changes. Blockchain is no different. This article is an attempt to uncheck the unknowns in the world of Blockchain. Where are we? In my view, we have neither crossed the gulf, ...


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