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Craig Ramsey

What the banks vs fintech debate gets wrong

The boom in real-time payments is reverberating across the world, and by 2026 they will make up 25% of all electronic payments. Market forces and the global pandemic accelerated adoption to new levels...

17 Jan 2023
Craig Ramsey

Why the COVID-19 pandemic might be a catalyst for further adoption of worldwide real-time payments

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has already led to massive changes in business and consumer behaviour, is accelerating the adoption of digital payments and the interest in real-time payments across the g...

12 Jun 2020
Craig Ramsey

The European race to provide real-time payments

As individual European nations forge a real-time, digital-first payments environment, they raise the bar for all financial institutions conducting business in the Eurozone. Instant payments have becom...

29 Aug 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Craig Ramsey

SWIFT gpi, Cross-Border Payments for the Digital World

Why is SWIFT gpi so key for cross-border payments? SWIFT gpi is not a one-off delivery or by any means static – it is the payments community pushing ahead and developing additional features on top of ...

07 Mar 2019
Craig Ramsey

What's next for SWIFT gpi and cross-border real-time payments?

SWIFT gpi poses many opportunities for banks. Like any technology, the rate of change is accelerating, making it critical that banks keep pace with the market and with their competition. In 2018, as d...

24 Sep 2018
SWIFT Matters
Craig Ramsey

New Payments Ecosystem of Real-Time Payments

In the UK, faster payments are well established, and we have seen new innovations as well as new businesses being built since May 2008. In Singapore, which went live in 2014 with its Fast and Secure T...

12 Oct 2017
UK Faster Payments
Craig Ramsey

When Immediate Payments Go Bad

“I want it now.” Sounds like a petulant teenager, doesn’t it? But actually, it’s the sound of consumers and corporations around the world demanding immediate payments solutions. While immediate paym...

09 Oct 2015
Craig Ramsey

EBADay focus on Immediate Payments comes up short

Rather predictably, this year’s EBADay conference in Amsterdam was dominated by conversation of Immediate Payments. The great and the good from the industry came to discuss how we can all improve our ...

18 May 2015
Craig Ramsey

Digitalisation - Mind the Gap

Digitisation or Digitalisation? Whichever is the correct term, we've seen it prevalent at Sibos this year. Much has been said about how mobile players and other non-traditional competitors are encro...

01 Oct 2014
Craig Ramsey

SEPA, is the burden turning into a benefit?

2014 finally saw the completion of the SEPA process that was some ten years in the making. As of the 1st August, the majority of European Banks are now compliant with SEPA guidelines. So, what does th...

02 Sep 2014
Craig Ramsey

There’s a long road ahead...weeks 6 to 10 in review

Over the past three months I’ve covered 10 transaction banking topics that can help take your institutions from good to great. For the second half of my blog series, I’ve covered topics from non-funct...

09 Jun 2014
Craig Ramsey

Working for your success. Blog Series Week 10

I’m not one to quote Nietzsche, but he is attributed with saying “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.” And herein is one of the most important factors in...

03 Jun 2014

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