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A place to discuss and share information on the introduction of the UK Faster Payments scheme

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John Bertrand

Reducing Instant Payment Fraud requires transparency, unity and technology

Society and Law has reached a check point where the new digital world is almost beyond the current laws and banking practises. Let’s take a look at fraud in Faster Payments, UK’s instant payment initi...

10 Feb 2021
John Bertrand

Addressing Payment Fraud and Bank Accounts in the new COVID 19 world

UKFinance reported fraud grew 28% in 2019 to £456 million with Faster Payments, 73% of that total, growing at 33%. UKFinance noted 76% of the fraud comes from the internet and the banking industry cov...

07 Aug 2020
Retired Member

How the pandemic pushed forward the development of digital payments

According to an April study published by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), in fear of transmitting COVID-19 via cash, people are increasingly looking into cashless payments. With a sudden ...

20 Jul 2020
Bob Lyddon

BACS and Faster Payments privatised to single individual

In a shock announcement BACS and Faster Payments are being run, as of today, by a company controlled by a single private individual. This must be a first for a critical UK national infrastructure. New...

01 May 2018
Yuval Ziv

What happens after clicking the 'Buy' button? 6 Best practices to increase conversion at checkout

e-commerce retailers spend a lot of time and money on marketing and advertising to their customers, enticing them to browse and buy. On an ecommerce site, algorithms often reveal recommended products ...

23 Nov 2017
Barry Kislingbury

Hierarchy of Payment Needs: The True Value of Immediate Payments

Immediate Payments must be part of an open banking strategy. The question that most banks are asking themselves, as real-time payments schemes gather pace in different markets around the world, is, “H...

07 Nov 2017
Craig Ramsey

New Payments Ecosystem of Real-Time Payments

In the UK, faster payments are well established, and we have seen new innovations as well as new businesses being built since May 2008. In Singapore, which went live in 2014 with its Fast and Secure T...

12 Oct 2017
Retired Member

7 Day Account Switching - happy customers are staying put

The seven-day Account Switching Service was launched almost two years ago with much fanfare however we are still seeing only a minority of people moving their current accounts to a new provider. Accor...

01 May 2015
John Doyle

Interchange Fees Update

Vendorcom, the think tank for the financial services vendor community, held an update for members to the Interchange Fees debate. Interchange is the charge levied by the card schemes on retailers to

04 Feb 2014
John Doyle

Payexpo Round-up

By John Doyle • June 25th 2013 The Payexpo conference and exhibition held last week at the Excel in London was a busy affair. Three main streams a non-stop exhibition and several side events meant t...

25 Jun 2013

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