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Inna Demchenko

Open banking in Ukraine: a new stage

Ukraine has moved to a new stage in the process of implementing open banking, as on 11 August the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) published on its official website the approved Open Banking Concept and...

15 Aug 2023
Open Banking
Inna Demchenko

How to reduce digital onboarding risks

The implementation of remote identification and the ability to become a new customer without physically visiting a branch revolutionized banking services. In Europe this process remained mostly hybrid...

22 May 2023
Digital Identity Management
Inna Demchenko

Do Banks Still Need Branches?

The number of bank branches in Ukraine and Europe is rapidly decreasing, so from 2008 to 2022, the number of branches in the EU decreased by 39%, from 225 thousand to 134 thousand, while in Ukraine du...

09 Jan 2023
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Inna Demchenko

Domestic government bonds as an investment instrument in Ukraine

According to the statistics of National Bank depository, since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has raised about UAH 150 billion (about USD 4 billion in equivalent) through the sale of government bo

14 Oct 2022
Inna Demchenko

What is independent Ukraine’s achievements?

In August, Ukraine celebrates the 31st anniversary of its independence, and although this year we are forced to fight for sovereignty, every Ukrainian is confidently holding his front, making a daily ...

31 Aug 2022
Fintech World
Inna Demchenko

How banking system keeps operating amid war

Ukraine is facing now a difficult time, but the banking system continues to work steadily despite a full-scale military invasion of the neighboring country. At first glance, this may seem like a pheno...

06 Jun 2022
Inna Demchenko

Remote identification in Ukrainian banks – is it easy to become an online customer?

Back in 2020, Ukrainian legislation allowed banks to establish business relationships with new customers and open accounts for them completely remotely. Moreover, banks were even offered several optio...

25 Jan 2022
Digital Banking Trends
Inna Demchenko

Open banking. New opportunities for the financial market of Ukraine

Open banking. New opportunities for the financial market of Ukraine. Open banking, which will be fully operational in Ukraine in 2025, will launch a new phase in the functioning of the financial marke...

29 Dec 2021

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