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Discuss upcoming trends in digital proofing, authentication, fraud and digital identity management.

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David Fagleman

Make it a new year’s resolution to be more careful with what’s in your wallet

Digital enthusiasts commonly portray a future in which technology has eradicated crime. Indeed, one of the most loved arguments for a cashless society is that without physical money criminals will be ...

05 Jan 2021
Stephan Wolf

When Process Creates Potential: New Opportunities for Banks in Client Onboarding

By adjusting their onboarding processes financial institutions can enhance their client experience, reduce costs and pave the way for new cross border services, explains Stephan Wolf, CEO, Global LEI ...

09 Nov 2020
Joe Bloemendaal

Synthetic identity fraud: What is it and how can we stop it?

As technology constantly evolves, becomes simpler and more cost effective, it is also simultaneously becoming more accessible to fraudsters. This means we’re seeing a surge in fraud cases. The latest ...

29 Sep 2020
Barley Laing

eIDV essential as pandemic drives digitalisation

The world was already speeding into the digital age before Covid-19. However, the pandemic has supercharged the process prompting financial services companies to improve engagement with their customer...

07 Aug 2020
Jonathan Jensen

Why onboarding is the key to fintech success

The challenge faced by every financial provider, including fintechs, is how to onboard customers as smoothly as possible. But what does best practice look like? In my experience, signing up for a new...

29 Jul 2020
Paul Shumsky

How To Enhance KYC Systems With Blockchain

KYC and AML complicance can be considered as the most costly policies to implement and maintain. Furthermore, it is one of the factors holding back the financial innovation as early-stage startups hav...

23 Jun 2020
René Hendrikse

Could selfies be the key to fighting COVID-19 fraud?

From social media scams to fake government texts, phishing links in business emails and false phone calls, fraud has risen sharply since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 2,500 scams had b...

23 Jun 2020
Joe Bloemendaal

Fraud in finance: who can defend our digital identity?

Over the last few months, we have been presented with more e-commerce and online offerings than ever before. From online shopping to virtual gym classes, the pandemic has accelerated the move towards ...

08 Jun 2020
Philip Black

FCA flexibility is welcome, but misplaced

At the end of March, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wrote a letter to firms outlining its response to Covid-19. Part of its outreach involved highlighting the flexibility already contained in i...

27 Apr 2020
Joris Lochy

Digital signature - There is no such thing as THE digital signature

In the current digital world, we are continuously digitally transacting with companies all over the world. Each transaction leaves a digital trace, allowing the company (in case of litigation) to prov...

24 Feb 2020