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Discuss upcoming trends in digital proofing, authentication, fraud and digital identity management.

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Robert O'Farrell

Computerized Trust: How Machines Establish Our Identity

In our previous article (The Foundations of Identity Verification: Trust and its Pillars), we walked through the essence of how trust is established in the real world. Now, in part two of our five-pa...

27 Nov 2023
Robert O'Farrell

The Foundations of Identity Verification: Trust and Its Pillars

In the modern world, trust is more than just a human sentiment. It's the foundation of how we secure transactions, interactions, and ensure the integrity of our digital selves. As we navigate the vas

20 Nov 2023
Donica Venter

The Role of Digital Identity in Promoting Financial Access and Inclusion in Africa

In recent years, Africa has witnessed substantial growth in its digital landscape, significantly altering the way people access financial services. Digital innovations, particularly in the domain of d...

30 Oct 2023
Barley Laing

Delivering effective sanctions screening amid growing FCA concerns

Finextra recently reported that many of those in financial services were found wanting with their sanctions screening efforts by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). After a survey of sanctions con...

16 Oct 2023
Barley Laing

Time to evolve your approach to know your business (KYB) checks

Fraud, whether by an individual or a business, is on the increase. This is largely due to many banking services being accessible online – a convenience that comes with some risk. To help prevent fraud...

26 Sep 2023
Clare Rowley

Understanding the Value of Global Identifiers in the Fight Against Financial Crime

Money laundering and terrorist financing create significant systemic risks in the global financial system. The intricate webs spun by fraudsters and criminals to evade detection crisscross national bo...

08 Sep 2023
Nick Mothershaw

The power of mobile telco data in the digital ID proofing process

Our research last year revealed that at least six million people in the UK are ‘ID Challenged’. This means that they struggle to prove who they are in order to access the products and services they ar...

27 Jul 2023
Inna Demchenko

How to reduce digital onboarding risks

The implementation of remote identification and the ability to become a new customer without physically visiting a branch revolutionized banking services. In Europe this process remained mostly hybrid...

22 May 2023
Guillaume Forget

Will The UK Follow The EU On Digital Identities?

The UK's relationship with the EU has been tumultuous in recent years, especially in the wake of Brexit. With regards to digital identities, former Prime Minister Tony Blair's, statement that "e...

19 May 2023
Nick Mothershaw

2023 – the year of the digital ID wallet

Across the globe, we are seeing country after country making digital ID a primary option for consumers (and businesses) to access both public and private sector services. In some countries, it is enti...

04 Apr 2023

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