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What is independent Ukraine’s achievements?

In August, Ukraine celebrates the 31st anniversary of its independence, and although this year we are forced to fight for sovereignty, every Ukrainian is confidently holding his front, making a daily contribution to the victory and further development of our country.

What key achievements can be highlighted:

Electronic documents. Ukraine is the first country in the world to equate electronic passports to a paper counterpart. So, an e-passport has the same legal force as a physical one and can be used in any institutions or organizations for identification and confirm the identity. In addition to the citizen's passport, the state also digitized and allowed the use of electronic foreign passports, electronic driver's licenses, birth certificates, certificates of internally displaced persons, covid-certificates, etc. All this is only a part of the initiatives that are being implemented within the framework of the "state in a smartphone" project and are forming the brand of Ukraine as a digital state. All electronic documents are available in the Diya application, in which 18 million citizens have already registered.

Payment market. As of June 2022, 103 million payment cards were issued in Ukraine, according to statistics provided by the National Bank of Ukraine, clients prefer cashless payments, as 9 out of 10 transactions are cashless. At the same time, every second card is contactless, and every sixth card is tokenized, that is, added to the Apply Pay/Google Pay wallets. Ukrainians are open to innovation and willingly pay using smartphones, watches and other payment devices. According to the data of payment systems, Ukraine is one of the leaders among the Eurozone countries in terms of the number of NFC payments and the share of their growth. Even the war did not significantly affect the dynamics and trends in the payment segment. Despite the extreme conditions, activities on the implementation of payment infrastructure in accordance with European legislation, the implementation of open banking and the launch of electronic money does not stop.

Digitalization in banks. There are 68 banks in Ukraine, which creates conditions for competition and constant development of innovations, improvement of their services. Speed, convenience, security are the main principles on which the Ukrainian banking system for the client is built. 51 banks have a mobile application or a web version of Internet banking, which allows users to receive all key services online. 15 banks have already launched the remote identification functionality and this enables a person to become a new client and open a virtual card without visiting a branch. The onboarding procedure of a new client takes from 2 minutes, as his documents can be obtained directly from state registers thanks to the special "Sharing" technology.

State services. Ukrainian citizens can get most of the administrative and state services remotely and in a few clicks. It is possible to change remotely the place of registration, register a company, obtain a building permit, pay fines for administrative violations, register a newborn and much more (the list of available services is constantly expanding). Thanks to such opportunities, it was possible to overcome the bureaucracy, because it is no longer necessary to stand in queues to get the necessary service, collect paper certificates or depend on the decision of specific officials. In order to use the service remotely, person need to be authorized through Bank ID. According to studies, 30 million Ukrainians regularly use the Internet, the state conducts free courses on digital education and improving financial literacy - therefore, all categories of citizens can easily and simply receive online services.

Fintech companies. As of the beginning of 2022, 203 fintech companies were registered in Ukraine, 50% of which carry out their activities, including on international markets. The spheres of activity in which the largest number of such companies are concentrated are Payments/Money transfer, Mobile wallets, Technology and infrastructure, consumer lending and Wealth management.

It is worth noting that the key to most achievements in Ukraine is human resources - Ukrainians are ambitious, talented, hardworking, they generate fresh ideas and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Despite the circumstances, Ukrainians continue to work, each in their own place, to ensure that Ukraine preserves and increases its gains. 



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