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Steven Rackham

Tackling DORA is a challenge for the entire business – not just the IT team

The enforceable deadline for DORA is now under a year away and organisations in the FS sector are in a difficult position. Preparing for any change in regulation is hard enough, but with the European ...

22 Feb 2024
Banking Regulations
Steven Rackham

Money 20/20 2023 takeaways

As one of the largest financial services events, it was great being able to attend Money 20/20 in Amsterdam this year. My first time at an event that started in 2012, that hosts over 20,000 people acr...

12 Jul 2023
Steven Rackham

Why now is the time to modernise mainframe data

‘Mainframe is dead!’ has long been a cry within the IT industry but the reality is, many organisations still rely heavily upon mainframes with data sitting on them around the 12EB (yes, exabyte) mark ...

22 May 2023
Banking Architecture
Steven Rackham

How the financial services industry can prepare for DORA

Big Tech’s influence is becoming more and overarching across numerous different sectors. From retail to politics, Big Tech is slowly infiltrating our lives. One sector which is trying to ensure it kee...

09 Feb 2023
Banking Regulations
Steven Rackham

Seizing the AI opportunity in the FS sector by maximising your data

People and businesses around the world create a staggering 1,145 trillion megabytes of data per day. Data is transforming all our lives, from accelerating the diagnosis of diseases to optimising reta...

27 Oct 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Steven Rackham

Can the hybrid cloud alleviate the issue of cloud concentration risk in the FS sector?

The financial services (FS) sector is the engine behind the economy of the United Kingdom and virtually every other developed economy, contributing around 8.6% to the total economic output in the UK. ...

24 Aug 2022
Banking Regulations
Steven Rackham

Consumer trust is crucial for banks to undergo successful digital transformation

In an era rife with conspiracy theories fuelled by the pandemic, trust in government and large organisations has become more fragile. It’s an issue which is ever so delicate for the financial services...

30 May 2022
Steven Rackham

How can the Financial Services improve sustainability in the cloud? And why?

Whether it’s efficient customer support, open banking or business analysis, data is fundamental to today’s Financial Services sector. But with the rising importance of data comes calls for more sustai...

25 May 2022
Steven Rackham

From open banking to open finance: what’s next for innovation in financial services?

Open banking has been a game-changer for financial services. It has enabled financial institutions and third-party providers (TPPs) to exchange data and services – not only enhancing existing capabili...

01 Mar 2022
Innovation in Financial Services
Steven Rackham

The Carbon Footprint For Data Is How Much?

The Carbon Footprint For Data Is How Much? Steve Rackham, Senior Solutions Engineering Manager, EMEA Global at NetApp Something that I hear more and more being discussed is ‘sustainability’ and ‘car...

13 Dec 2021
Steven Rackham

As FSI cloud adoption soars, what does this mean for data, compliance, and future innovation?

The financial service industry’s (FSI) recent acceleration to the cloud has outpaced any other industry, facing both new challenges and opportunities. The challenges facing the FSI industry today incl...

06 Oct 2021
Steven Rackham

Convenience, innovation and trust: the keys to unlocking future growth in financial services

For every country, community and industry, the future showed up early. COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the sudden surge in digital engagement – and our lives and livelihoods have been defined by cons...

15 Jul 2021

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